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bably go crazy with excitement after getting two supreme tomes.


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However, Wang Xuan was very calm.
/It’s okay if he doesn’t know the inside story. This time he and Gu Jin dug out some of the roots of the mysterious Yuan Sheng relic, so naturally they have to treat it with extreme caution.
In the unknown land, the scriptures mastered by the holy insects that were thrown into the extraordinary central universe by the supreme beings on the other side of deep space should not be that simple.
Sure enough, after intensive reading and careful study, he pondered with a skeptical attitude and discovered some problems.
There is a deep pit of doubt in the two scriptures, but it doesn’t matter now. If you devote yourself wholeheartedly and believe in the two scriptures, you will probably fall into a bottomless pit in the future.
Wang Xuan screened and eliminated anything with problems. Moreover, he did not want to major in the two classics, but to learn from them and integrate the valuable parts of the two classics into what he is currently learning.
When he was running the Galaxy Cleansing Sutra, every inch of flesh and blood was filled with bright starry sky, and outside the body, there were even more intertwined and flowing galaxies, which was extremely sacred.
Now, he added the Karma Silkworm Sutra he learned from, and the Karma Network and the Milky Way merged and combined together to form a gorgeous and sacred grid that enveloped the deep sky.
The essential essence of the Cicada Sutra of Destiny turned into a nebula, lingering around him. This was the result of the condensation of the sky of destiny and the nerve of the galaxy.
In the past 30 years, Wang Xuan’s understanding of various scriptures has reached a new level. This is because he has mastered more true scriptures.
He confirmed and compared various scriptures with each other. Not only the Taoism was improved, but also the extraordinary foundation was accumulated, which naturally had huge benefits.
In addition, Gujin also gave him several secret techniques during this period, which could be used to refine holy objects and solve some hidden dangers in advance, which also cost him a lot of time.
But Gu Jin was not very satisfied, because the legendary method was quite incomplete, and he found several people to exchange it, but he couldn’t get it together.
/According to him, this is only one-sixth of the original scripture.
However, the scriptures used to sacrifice foreign objects should be almost together.
Wang Xuan was moved. This scripture seemed to be the supreme scripture that the mobile phone treasured so much.
At the same time, this is also the scripture that the true sage who created the “Galaxy Body Washing Sutra” wanted to obtain after his spiritual perfection in the world after the twilight spectacle.
This classic has been broken into pieces, and there is currently no complete chapter.
It doesn’t even have a unified name, making it quite mysterious.
In these years, Wang Xuan was not only trying to pass the test, but also consulting various

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