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Most importantly, it is unpredictable and full of variables.
Then, some more detailed information was revealed.
/For this battle, the Invincible True Sage gave up his physical body and entered the supreme spiritual world with his soul. For this battle, he also completely risked his life.
/Will the four true saints follow? Will they enter in the physical body, or will they also enter the battlefield with their souls?
“Everyone, give up. Even if the Five Saints don’t enter the battlefield in the supreme spiritual world, you and I won’t be able to watch this battle.”
Someone else broke the news that the Death Star Sea was penetrated by the True Saint during the migration of the extraordinary center. There was a terrifying whirlpool connected to the outer universe, and it was at the core.
From the very beginning, the True Sage of Infinite Tribulation has placed the battlefield in the outer universe, and from there he has entered a special area of ??the highest spiritual world.
“Do you think that after the holy war broke out today, there will be a result soon? You are thinking too much. In the highest spiritual world, there will be various secret battles inside and outside the Yuan Shen Formation. They cannot directly You will understand it when you look at the situation on the alien battlefield.”
Some people analyze that in the earlier saint-level confrontation, when all the extraordinary detectors were destroyed, it was just a simple test for the true saint to enter.
People are helpless. As for who dares to sneak across, approach the supreme spiritual world, and fight externally in the battle between souls? That’s definitely overthinking.
The realm of true saints is incomprehensible and inaccessible. It is risky to look at them. If the other party is dissatisfied, the extraordinary ones will collapse in an instant.
If the supreme being is not concealed, the charm of the Tao will naturally overflow, and even many strangers will not be able to resist the gaze caused by it. The thinking will stop, the mind will go blank, and the body and soul will disappear.
The holy war that countless people in the extraordinary central world are paying attention to is actually so unapproachable and unobservable, which makes countless people sigh with regret.
A few months later, violent fluctuations occurred in the core area of ??the Supreme Saint battlefield, connected to the vortex of the outer universe, proving that the supreme beings should have fought in the spiritual world and disturbed the real world.
Five years later, it has been 23 years since the original bloody battle began, and Wang Xuan has also left the Death Star Sea for 13 years. He has absorbed a lot of Taoism and has been in retreat and enlightenment.
Until recently, he was temporarily out of isolation.
There were some questions that he wanted to ask Gujin for advice. They were about the two holy insects. He thought it would be better to speak out.
Although the 36th Heaven is a bubble universe attached to the extraordinary center and is half dec

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