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our clothes. A sexy pervert pays attention to things slowly and slowly. If the person wants it, the heart also wants it.”


Jan 19, 2024

“Lu, how do you know so much?” She Zhang’s face changed slightly.
“I often go to Sijing Peak to catch geese, and I always hear Master Ding brag about his glorious deeds. It’s natural to understand if you are familiar with it.” Lu Bei spread his hands and felt helpless.
“People named Ding are not good people. Don’t go to Sijing Peak anymore. Let’s raise our own geese.”
“Well, it’s up to you.”
Langwu County is famous for its characteristic cottages and abundant fog. After dusk, the night comes quickly.
The local people work at sunrise and rest at sundown, and their leisure activities at night are nothing more than making and spanking children. Therefore, the streets are dark and quiet, and even the faint of heart may not dare to walk at night in the thick fog with a lantern.
Except for the street where Red Sleeve Pavilion is located, the lights are bright and the laughter will not stop until midnight.
Those who come and go are also brave people. It doesn’t matter if they walk at night. The two strings of red lanterns hanging high in the Hongxiu Pavilion are beacons in the dark night. If you find their guiding lights, you will find the harbor of your soul.
The Zhu Mansion was sealed because the case had not yet come to light, and his wife moved the maid to a nearby courtyard. The red door opened slowly, and the sound of pushing the door was particularly harsh in the quiet night.
The two maids walked timidly to meet Lu Bei and She Zhang. They felt that tonight the lady would feed the wolf with her body just to save the head of the family who was wrongfully imprisoned. Their pretty faces were filled with happiness.
/In the incense room in the deep pavilion, a ray of red candlelight shines through the paper window.
/When She Zhang walked into the house with a frown, Lu Bei waved his hands to drive away the two girls. He stood at the door with a knife and sensed the slightest movement around him.
“Madam, please calm down. Let’s have a couple of drinks first.”
“Madam, just sit there, distance brings beauty.”
“How about we talk about the case?”
Hearing She Zhang’s embarrassed voice in the room, Lu Bei shook his head repeatedly. This was the difference between experienced and inexperienced. If he entered the room, it would be his wife’s turn to beg for mercy.
Sir, please calm down. Let’s have a couple of drinks first.
Sir, just sit there, distance creates beauty.
How about we talk about the case?
“Hey hey hey”
Lu Bei laughed subconsciously, raised his hand to cover his mouth, shook his head to dispel the generous and powerful Jian’an thoughts in his mind, and held his breath to absorb the changes around him.
swish swish
The sound of rustling rose up everywhere, penetrating through the dense fog that surrounded the backyard boudoir. Amidst the sounds of spitting messages that sent shivers down one’s spine, thousands of venomous snakes about half a meter long swam out of the darkn

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