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Fudaoniu was also on the field and had won two games in a row. It was more down-to-earth and started fighting with normal Yuan Sheng objects.


Jan 19, 2024

At this time, he couldn’t help but feel proud, standing with his head held high, showing off his master’s demeanor.
He followed Wang Xuan’s gaze and saw the light snail, and couldn’t help but sigh: “You are also a cow, why are you so awesome?!”
Then, he almost peed with fear. The resurrected light snail had strong emotional fluctuations. Seeing him as a provocation, it went all out and blasted towards him with billions of rays of thunder.
The saints have already spoken to ensure peer-to-peer communication here in order to have real contact and understanding of the creatures on the other side. Therefore, Niubu now absolutely cannot stop the other party and his face is pale.
“Don’t panic!” Wang Xuan appeared and chose this big snail. It looked as big as a house and gave the impression that it should be a clumsy species, but now it was traveling at the speed of light, so fast.
Wang Xuan stepped forward and chose to fight with this special holy object!
Even if he is not Lupa now, he is still a transcendent person in the ultimate realm. He is confident and powerful. He has nothing to say and just slaps him with a big slap.
There was lightning and thunder in this place, and billions of strands of lightning intertwined. As the light snails moved, a large net covered the sky and enveloped Wang Xuan.
/“Little Doyle!” Wang Xuan commented.
He resisted with his physical body, swung his big palm, blasted the void, shattered the sky, and tore open the thunder network.
Moreover, he was teleporting and caught up with the light snail, and gave its bright Yudao-transformed hard shell a beating.
The lightning was like a tidal wave, submerging Wang Xuan, but he was unharmed. For so many years, those domineering super-matters behind Mingtu have always been surging, and any of them are like thunder and fire. He has long been baptized into it.
Now, even in the face of lightning with chaotic mist, he can still withstand it. What’s more, the Yudao runes on his body rise up to form a light curtain, which is invulnerable to all means.
Bang! Bang!
/Even though this giant snail has the speed of light, travels across the world, and performs various spells, it has not hurt Wang Xuan, nor can it get rid of him, and its own hard shell is being hit hard.
In the deafening sound, in the terrifying clicking sound, the shell of the light snail was cracked by Wang Xuan, and then it was shattered by his hands.
Even the body of the light snail was torn apart and in tatters.
Everyone was shocked. A forbidden sacred object was severely damaged?
“Huh? Be careful!” Many people exclaimed.
No one expected that the light snail would undergo an astonishing transformation. Its flesh and blood would glow, and its divine flames would surge into the sky. Not only would its flesh and blood be reorganized, but a snail shell would also be reborn outside the body, carrying chaotic energy and swirling with chaotic th

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