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ned around!


Jan 19, 2024

The heavy snow falls, as if it is the end of the world.
A creature followed, and after Wang Xuan turned around, he almost touched his face.
The clearest thing in front of him was a pair of red combat shoes, small, hanging in the air, level with his eyes, causing ripples and sweeping across his head.
Another 5-time limit breaker might have died.
This is a female figure, not flesh and blood, made of golden light, wearing combat boots and armor made of blood gold, with a hazy body.
Wang Xuan snorted coldly, and the grid-like lines in front of his face expanded and intertwined. He used the Galaxy Washing Meridian combined with the sword light to seal the void in front and strangle the figure.
The woman soared into the sky, like a ghost, making no sound, but very sacred, with golden light all over her body. She has a pair of golden sword wings. When she flaps, the sword light is like threads, continuous and endless, penetrating the void and pouring in.
Outside Wang Xuan’s body, the grid-shaped sword light flowed like water waves. When the two collided, there was no explosion, but instead, they were silently shattered and annihilated.
/This is not a living creature. It is manifested by Tao Yun. It has no flesh and blood, but the light of the soul flows in its mark.
She is said to be a dead thing, but in fact she has been simulated out of the spiritual realm, as if a living soul was born. Her eyes are not dull, deep, and have a certain charm.
“There once was such a living being in the world. He died an unknown number of epochs ago and was ‘remembered’ by the Taoist rhyme here. Now he has manifested himself to fight with me.”
In Wang Xuan’s mental eyes, a beam of light pierced the void, revealing the essential problem.
“Seek defeat!” The woman’s real voice was an ancient saying that was impossible to understand originally, but mental fluctuations could make people understand its meaning.
She is petite and exquisite, with sacred golden light flowing on her body. The sword wings composed of divine swords are arranged on both sides of her body, and the sword intention flows everywhere.
And her whole person still has a clear Taoist charm, especially her eyes, which are more and more like a living person. In her hands, there is no physical sword, but a long sword made of spiritual light. The sword is pure white, with beams of light swirling around it.
Outside Wang Xuan’s body, there are galaxies and sword lights, fused together, layer upon layer, forming a splendid network.
And this was just for defense. This time he used a kind of boxing technique, which was the Yando Fist he got from killing the prince in the dusk scene.
The next moment, in this place, the fist light illuminated the entire world, the heavy snow disappeared, and the desolate land was swept away.
/However, the woman disappeared out of thin air, Dao Yun gathered and dispersed in a thought, and suddenly appeared above Wang Xuan’s head, slashing with the spiritual sword in his hand.
Suddenly, his hair was rising again, and ther

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