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e scriptures. Soon, the scriptures in front of him were automatically arranged and combined, and various spiritual imprints appeared.


Jan 19, 2024

He resonated with this sutra, and the beast king in his youth appeared, shaking his fist in the sky, swallowing mountains and rivers with anger, and picking up stars and moons.
“The Beast King’s true form is a human body?” Wang Xuan was surprised.
Because, at the end of the training, the most powerful trump card is the manifestation of the true body, which resonates and resonates with all the worlds, destroying all things and breaking all obstacles.
Even various so-called principles can be exploded with one punch. This is indeed domineering and powerful.
/In the strange scene, the Beast King revealed himself as a huge human being.
Others were also surprised, because after reaching this step of enlightenment, they all saw the Beast King’s true form, which was not much different from his current image.
“What’s strange about this? As a human with a huge body, I am naturally one of the giant beasts.” The Beast King said nonchalantly.
Then, he added: “Speaking of which, some humanoid creatures in later generations have shrunk in size, and they should all be descendants of my son’s son.”
Suddenly, many of the creatures present who had returned to the path of true saints had dull expressions on their faces. Although there was no evidence, they all felt that the Beast King was taking advantage of many of them!
The Beast King said: “Everyone, you have almost understood the previous chapter. Your true bodies are all supreme beings. This is not difficult for you. Now, based on the principle of reciprocal exchange, it is your turn to help me. Don’t worry. , after borrowing power from your main body, I will give you a complete next chapter, but it is hard to say how many people will gain something.”
He admitted frankly that the scripture imprints in a single realm are still somewhat different and difficult to understand.
Eventually, people nodded in agreement. Wang Xuan was silent, feeling that it was very troublesome and tricky. Where could he find the main body?
Unless there really is a path in the Jedi outside the Eternal Silence area.
“Since you all nodded or acquiesced, I will now use you as a reference to borrow some Taoism from your present body.”
The Beast King spoke, and he acted, his whole body glowing. In an instant, he seemed to transcend this time and space, standing in a place where light and death were uncertain. With a loud shout, he chanted sutras towards the future real world and sent out dozens of causal threads to guide the path of those main bodies.
That’s the future compared to here.
However, in the real world, this is what ancient people called for the present world.
Outside the Eternal Silence Area, in the Jedi, whoever was affected and found the door, there was a figure sitting cross-legged and opened his eyes suddenly, and the decaying universe was illuminated.
In an instant, these supreme beings understood what had happened, and each of them was silent.

By sangna