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Even so, the two of them boarded the Cuiyan Tower Boat and went to heaven together.
Don’t mention it.
After the joy, Xu Ying felt that he had reached the holy state of having no desires and no demands, so he quietly left.
He came to Xianting to see the empress Lan Suying. Over the years, Empress Lan Suying has been meditating on the past and future lives, especially after Xu Ying taught her the Way of Reincarnation and the Way of Cause and Effect, her attainments on this path have also advanced by leaps and bounds.
Lan Suying glanced at him and said: “Where has the prince been fooling around? He is full of makeup and powder.”
Xu Ying said quickly: “Where is it? Queen Mother, how is your Xuan Gong progress?”
“It is really difficult to unify the past and the future. With my current achievements, it is still not possible.”
She shook her head and said, “I guess I won’t be able to practice it. How about your father passing the throne to you and letting someone in your family be the empress. She’s very capable, so I’ll be happy.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “I have no intention of proclaiming myself emperor.”
Lan Suying said meaningfully: “If you become emperor, don’t you want seventy-two concubines in the three palaces and six courtyards? Think about it, all the girls you were attracted to in the past and the girls you missed can be married back and placed in the harem. .”
/Xu Ying was greatly moved and said: “Mother, then why does my father not have three palaces and six courtyards?”
“Xu Jing? He dares!”
Lan Suying gritted her silver teeth and sneered, “His throne was earned for him by my son. How dare he take a concubine? Even if I don’t touch him, my son will scalp him and send him away.” Exchange money on the other side!”
Xu Ying stayed in the imperial palace and taught my mother the method of reincarnation. Yuan Weiyang also moved to the palace and practiced together in their free time.
Yuan Weiyang was extremely interested in the inheritance of Kunlun. He studied the Tao of the Void and became more and more accomplished in the Tao of the Void. He soon surpassed Xu Ying.
Xu Ying did not go to the other side, nor did he care about the killings and robberies on the other side. He had a rare leisure time, fell in love with Yuan Weiyang and became a concubine, and they were romantic and happy. However, the advancement of cultivation is not slow at all.
After several decades, he understood the way of calamity and luck, and finally cultivated calamity to the level of immortality.
Xu Ying turned to the Wuji Dao to perform painful exercises, but the Wuji Dao system was complicated and contained five Tai Tai. If he wanted to practice this technique to the immortal realm, the Five Tai Tais needed to be promoted to the immortal realm.
He could only improve one avenue at a time, and his entry was delayed.
“I cultivated the Great Way of Nirvana in the Imperial Realm, turned it into a flood source of Nirvana, and swallowed it into a giant flood source. The Great Way of Nirvana and the power of Nirvana contai

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