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In the light of swords and shadows, the woman from the Paper Temple left a trail of blood, disappeared out of thin air, and escaped back to the Paper Temple in an instant.


Jan 19, 2024

During the fierce battle, she was hit by a knife, and she was greatly shocked. Although it was a Wanfa knife, the knife’s intention was very much like the paper knife of the past.
She was originally a paper doll, cut with a paper knife and refined into her true form.
However, the paper knife disappeared for a long time, and no one knows where it ended up.
The main thing is that the king kept the paper knife secret very well. He would only use it in desperate situations, and everyone he saw died.
“Father, if you just let her go like this, why don’t you go and stop it yourself with Uncle Dao’s true body?” Wang Dao asked in confusion in the deep sky.
He believed that there might be a chance to leave behind the incarnation of the female saint of the Paper Temple.
“Once there is a fierce battle, and there is no big formation to cover the fluctuations of the battle, the true saints in the entire world will find out.” Wang Yusheng did not want to be stared at, and did not want to be watched by other supreme beings.
Moreover, he did not study the formation of the Penetrating Paper Temple, so even if he killed its incarnation, he would not be able to obtain the creation there, and there would be various variables along the way, making the gains outweigh the losses.
“Didn’t show up?” Wang Yusheng waited in the deep sky and frowned.
“Father, are you looking for the people behind the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple?” Wang Dao asked in surprise.
Wang Yusheng was very serious and said: “Facing this person, we can’t say Diao. We have to admit that he is indeed extremely powerful, and I am not my opponent yet. He is the supreme creature on the first half of the must-kill list, and this century will Don’t even think about confronting him head-on.”
The king is awe-inspiring, his father is so brave, he has just finished slaughtering the saint, and now he is so cautious and cautious, which is enough to explain everything. The opponent is too strong and terrifying!
Even his father admitted that he couldn’t beat him at all.
/“It’s been so long and he hasn’t come? He has a special and close relationship with the Tattoo Palace and the Paper Temple. I blew up the Tattoo Palace and injured the incarnation of the woman in the Paper Temple, but he didn’t show up?” The king revealed. heterochromatic.
In any case, it was time for the woman from the Paper Temple to contact that person.
Wang Dao realized that what his father really feared and cared about was the supreme being behind the two religions. Although it was not fishing, he was still testing and verifying something.
“Father, who do you suspect he is?”
/“In the dilapidated palace, among the ashes, the resurrected ’embers’ of the old saint!” Wang Yusheng said.
“Hiss!” Wang Dao swallowed the super matter fiercely. It turned out to be an old saint, an ancient creature from 17 centuries ago. His Taoism w

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