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t go, and the dagger kept sinking into its flesh.


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The crocodile dragon went crazy, writhing under the water, with blood and waves surging, and waves on the lake rising from time to time. When it swung its tail, it cut off the stems of two soul-nourishing lotus plants.
Wang Xuan’s expression changed. He was afraid that the elixir would be damaged, so he let go of the crocodile dragon, rushed out of the water, and quickly went to pick the lotus flowers.
The crocodile dragon is really unwilling. It used to hunt down explorers in the lake with ease, but now it is desperate and cannot really defeat the monster.
With red eyes, it glanced at Wang Xuan, sank to the bottom of the water, and swam quickly away.
Wang Xuan started quickly and successfully picked the two glowing lotus flowers before they fell into the lake, and soon he had all five elixirs in hand.
After he swam back to the shore and put it down, he went into the lake again and dug out some lotus roots, wondering whether they would also have medicinal effects.
He came ashore wet. Zhao Qinghan came over quickly to see if he was injured. She had just seen how violently the water was churning, and she was extremely nervous and worried.
“The elixir combined with dragon meat should be regarded as a great supplement.” Wang Xuan’s face was full of joy. He felt that his strength could definitely be improved.
Zhao Qinghan showed a strange color. If you look closely, you can see that there is a slight blush on her beautiful face. This is mainly because classmate Wang always says “make up”.
She knew very well what the uncles around her were like in private, so she spared no expense in nourishing them with all kinds of rare and precious ingredients. She said that people need to maintain their health in middle age, but no one knew what was going on!
How could Wang Xuan think so much and said: “Classmate Zhao, pack them together. These are great supplements, guaranteed to keep your skin beautiful.”
Zhao Qinghan: “”
/In the distance, there was a strange roar, with an indescribable emotion, it was the crocodile dragon. It leaves the lake and enters the large river not far away.
Wang Xuan’s face froze slightly, then became extremely serious, and listened carefully.
Zhao Qinghan also turned around and looked at the river in the distance. She frowned slightly and said, “The crocodile dragon’s cry rises and falls. Could it be that it’s calling for the same species?”
Zhao Qinghan did not reach the master level and could not hear the dull sound downstream, but she was very keen and immediately made the correct judgment and said: “Is there a more powerful giant dragon?”
According to those ancient records, the crocodile dragon is extraordinary and not an ordinary monster.
“Let’s go!” The two of them said at the same time. They couldn’t stay here any longer and had to leave quickly.
They packed up five elixirs. Then, Wang Xuan couldn’t hold it back anymore and cut off a large piece of dragon flesh with his dagger, never forgetting to “replenish” it.
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