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d. His opponent’s Taoism improved instantly, and the aura around him became very terrifying. It was so abnormal, and his realm soared in an instant.


Jan 20, 2024

She didn’t make too big a move. She turned her head and moved sideways to avoid the blow. She carried the huge cauldron that was not commensurate with her graceful figure in her bare hands and smashed it towards her again, like a silvery white hill landing.
/The key is that the magic techniques are densely packed and reflected through the cauldron wall. Birds and beasts, earth, fire, feng shui, etc. are all presented together, and the waves of rules sweep across.
Wang Xuan’s face was stern, and he could defeat all kinds of magic with one weapon. The big stick was raised, and there were hundreds of millions of rays of light from the immortal way. The runes of the royal way were particularly rich, intertwined on the stick body.
The two met head-on again. The iron rod broke through the light of the spell and collided with the silver cauldron like a hill. The dazzling Dao patterns were like volcanic eruptions, released under the starry sky of the universe, one after another.
Centered on these two people, the terrifying light waves expanded, piercing through and exploding nearby asteroids, clearing the area instantly.
At this time, Wang Xuan’s sword energy was like a rainbow. He had practiced the Dao Zhan sword on the golden bamboo slips, and had also studied the sword scripture of the terrifying scarecrow in the True Saint’s backyard that had torn off his skull. At this time, his whole body was filled with sword energy. Spray out from pores.
He pressed the cauldron with an iron rod and approached with his body. Infinite sword light bloomed. In an instant, one after another of imperial symbols flew up between them, which was extremely terrifying.
Wang Xuan found that the bent stick had been smashed straight, but there was blood between his fingers. This woman was very fierce and strong, which was not consistent with her appearance.
However, at the moment of his super divine blessing, Ling Qingxuan also felt very uncomfortable. Her finger was broken, her arm trembled slightly, and she was almost pierced by the sword energy.
Her heart was shocked. The other party seemed to have mastered a true saint-level scripture? !
With a snap, the two separated. Wang Xuan regretted that the super spiritual sense was too fast. It used to be less than a second, but now it is shorter. It shortens as the realm increases. He realized that the opponent’s realm was much higher than his. It’s hard to smooth out.
/In his hand, he picked up a strand of hair, which was cut off by the sword scripture passed down by the scarecrow in the backyard of the true saint. In fact, he always thought that this should be the fragment left by the old saint.
Ling Qingxuan’s eyes froze, and then her eyes burned. The other party chopped off a strand of her hair and it was still tangled in his hand. This was absolutely intolerable to her.
But the next moment she became extremely peaceful and calm. Sh

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