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ered this bamboo, it could still fly into the sky and escape from the earth, but now it is coming to an end.


Jan 18, 2024

Wang Xuan was moved. How many eras has this bamboo been in existence? Why does it feel like it must be at least dozens of centuries old?
The silver-haired Willow, who was originally the most talkative, stopped talking. He stared at Qizhu, which was flowing with 15 colors of divine light and crackling at its roots, absorbing the last essence of earth line rules and moving towards perfection. He was ready to grab it at any time.
Nearby, many purple bamboos are as high as the sky. Only the ancestor of the 15-color strange bamboo is as tall as one person. The contrast is strong, but it shines with millions of rays and becomes the center of this world.
Hongxiu said: “At present, it corresponds to a single 6-break, or something stronger, so once it is refined into a treasure, it will be unparalleled in power.”
This is the fundamental reason why they all came here.
Even if we look through the entire extraordinary history, we can’t find a few of these innate primitive treasure embryos that involve the world!
The naturally generated 15-color treasure material, if it falls into the hands of a supreme being, with a little refinement, it will become an infinitely powerful killing weapon!
“As for other holy weapons, if you want to refine them purely by yourself and push them into a single realm, the difficulty is simply unimaginable, unless you take part in the creation.”
“The Beast King should have had one back then, but it’s possible that he asked other giant beasts for help to successfully refine it.”
While waiting nervously, they were talking.
He was indeed thinking about it. Even though he had completely refined the Yuan Sheng relics, they were still related to the other side. He had always wanted to personally refining one or two pure holy relics that belonged to him.
At this time, the Dao Nematode returned and took the form of a human again, a little weaker.
“His real combat power is actually very average, but his endurance is amazing, and he is good at disappearing into the void and engaging in attrition warfare. If we are not rejected by the extraordinary center, we can crush him!”
/Dao Nematode was very unconvinced and secretly informed several companions.
After a brief calm, the gray-haired man opposite said: “We discovered this place first, and it should belong to us!”
“Everything in the land of mythology has nothing to do with you!” Silver-haired Willow said coldly. It was rare for him to be so serious.
In an instant, the place was full of murderous intent, and the people on the opposite side were also very strong, with a posture of fighting to the death.
Now, the roots of the strange bamboo underground are decaying, and all the Taoist charms are concentrated on the main body of the bamboo, which is as tall as a person. Even the source of mythology is gathering various strange textures here, injecting them into each bamboo section.
Sure enough, it is an accurate 15-color bamboo born from the

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