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“That’s not bad.” As soon as Lao Zhang opened his mouth, golden light came out. Recently, he had been eating a lot of golden holy sheep, and his whole body was on fire. Fortunately, he practiced “Taiyin Refining” for many days, and then he suppressed the fire.


Jan 18, 2024

When he realized what kind of Taoism Conference he was going to attend, he immediately agreed to go, hoping to take a look at the realm of the strongest aliens.
However, when Leader Zhang learned what identity he was appearing on, his expression froze, and even the golden fire that came out of his body was automatically extinguished.
“You want me to be a Taoist boy for you?!” Lao Zhang wanted to give up.
“Don’t you think about it, you are just a peerless person, how conspicuous you are if you are not a Taoist boy? This is also to protect you.” Wang Xuan explained, and told him that there was also a female stranger from the Nine Heavens who was like this.
“Who?” Lao Zhang was unconvinced.
Wang Xuan said: “Li Lin is about to become a true saint, and she will follow her with a similar identity.”
Later, Lao Zhang compromised and became silent.
“I will help you change your body and hide your true appearance to prevent you from being targeted in the future.” Wang Xuan considered the problem from a safety perspective.
Lao Zhang nodded reservedly, feeling that it made sense.
However, it didn’t take long before he became furious, chanting the Infinite Heavenly Lord, shouting for Lei Zu to come out and scorch the evildoer opposite!
Because, his appearance at this moment made his eyes darken. The so-called Taoist boy was not just a talk, he had actually become a boy.
He looks to be about seven or eight years old now, with a childish face that can produce water when pinched, and big, dark eyes.
Leader Zhang thought that the so-called Taoist boy was just pretending, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Wang next door would give him a real one. The moment he looked in the mirror, his eyes widened.
Then, he became so angry that he wanted to use his seven-year-old body to conquer the mountains and crush the sky with his palms.
“This will prevent you from being recognized. Besides, after you regain your true form, who would have known that the Taoist boy is you today? The three extraordinary sources and the strongest group of strangers gathered together to sit down and discuss the Tao. This is the opportunity you need most. Think about it yourself. ”
The free and aloof Lao Zhang, with a small face full of resentment, finally pinched his nose and admitted it, because this most powerful extraterrestrial event was too attractive to him.
He locked himself in the room and disappeared without anyone, not wanting his current appearance to be seen by acquaintances.
The round-faced white tiger girl came as soon as she smelled the scent, and that day she roared like a tiger among the acquaintances at the Huaguo Mountain Dojo: “Master Zhang has achieved great success in his magical power. He has been reborn in Nirvana and has regained his youth!”
/Then, a group of acquaintance

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