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y do you care about the various primitive natural disasters that are destined to collapse? Are you also uneasy? If you want to enter the real world, it is you who will completely destroy all fields. I am in despair, or something has happened in the real place, which makes you all unable to sit still. I think it is impossible for you to have the urge to die just by the temptation of prison, right? “


Jan 18, 2024

A blond man walked out, extremely dazzling, even his body was glowing, hanging high in the place of truth, with a dazzling natural disaster scene, like rounds of fire from an extraordinary source, burning around him, helping him create the world.
He said: “God, you are still so strong. Although you are down in this world, we still admire your courage. You dare to enter the world resolutely. There are few people who can compare with you. We have no ill intentions. We really just want to trade with you.”
The God of “Creating the Disaster Lord” recognized his identity. This disaster lord has a great background and has become a true saint with the power of opening up the sky. If the Yin and Six Earth Realms are extinguished this time and a big problem occurs in the world, he will have a certain chance to correct it. further.
Because he wants to open up a source again and reshape the myth. If he succeeds, he may be able to get close to the realm of returning to his true form.
There was heavy fog and chaos everywhere. Another man appeared. The disasters around him were all related to chaos. Everything was chaotic and disorderly.
“Chaos Disaster Lord, you three can indeed come together.” The woman in the stone slab said.
“God, we can bring you back, but in this world, you need to make arrangements.” The Chaos Disaster Lord said, a serious-looking young man whose temperament was not very consistent with his disordered domain.
/God whispered: “Interesting, the red lotus demon fetus wants all worlds to turn into ashes, and her opportunity has arrived. Then, chaos and disorder came, and the Chaos Disaster Lord wanted to go one step further. Next, the world was created, and it was the turn of the Disaster Lord to open up the world. Shape the myth and recreate the source. Your alliance has been allocated, and you all have some hope of going further.”
The god looked at the three major disaster lords and said: “Since there is an arrangement, why do we have to pay the price to enter the world? For so many epochs, we have not broken through the ancient barrier of the real land. Could it be that something happened there?”
The Red Lotus Disaster Lord said: “God, this is a deal, and it will be of great benefit to you. Although you robbed my man, I don’t hold grudges. If there is a moment to change your destiny, I still want to give you a hand. .”
She has long red hair, a slender figure, and is very soft overall, but her words are always a bit cold and contain no emotion.
/“What are you talking about!” God looked at her coldly.
Wang Xuan wanted to take her out and beat her up, just like beating the real king Heitian, first beat her

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