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hey personally led the team. They felt that doing so would give the other side enough face.


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But looking at it now, if the other party becomes the true king, the Lu Po Almighty will not be qualified to visit him at will. He must make an appointment with his disciples in advance.
“This” Yihui and Mingxuan were speechless. When they first met, Wang Xuan was still an extraordinary person in the fifth level of the alien world. When they met again on the other side, he had not become a true saint.
At the beginning of the era that just ended, when they unexpectedly met again in their dojo, the other party had already mastered the powerful Wuyuan Patriarch of 6 Explosives.
And today, he has become a true king that defies heaven. What kind of terrifying speed is this? Let the geniuses like them just stare in disbelief!
After the insect king Heitian returned to the super mythical world, he only said that the misunderstanding with Wang Xuan had been resolved, but he did not reveal the fact that he became the king, for fear of violating taboos.
/“I’ve offended the true king. It’s a bit abrupt. I’ll make an appointment another day.” Ancestor Annihilation said. He had seen the other party in the last century and knew that he was very powerful, so he paid a solemn visit today.
From the current point of view, the other party’s growth rate is even more excessive than their attention. In the written history of Source No. 4 and No. 5, there has never been such a creature.
/How can the True King break through so easily? According to the advice given by the Beast-shaped True King in his early years, he must wait until all sources are unified before he has a chance.
How unbelievable is this new king that he accomplished such a feat before the six worlds of Yin were reunited!
“Unparalleled in the world!” Patriarch Tianyuan sighed. Such a path cannot be copied. Although he has never been in contact with Wang Xuan, he has heard Yu Yan and others mention it many times.
“An old friend is visiting, why should you be so polite?” Someone spoke from above the sky, and opened a road paved with 15 colors of divine light, connected to a light door.
As a true king, Wang Xuan would naturally react to the words spoken by Lu Po.
In a piece of pure land in the 36th layer of the sky, the divine lake is brilliant, the steaming air is flowing, the fairy flowers are dazzling, colorful, and the glow is flowing.
When we met again, a group of people were a little cautious when facing the empty young man who was sitting quietly.
Wang Xuan was spotless, extraordinary, and said with a smile: “Mingxuan, Yihui, Yuyan, we are all friends through life, there is no need to see each other, just stay as before.”
Yihui, Yuyan, and Mingxuan all breathed a sigh of relief. When they met today, he was already the true king. Now that they heard the familiar and hearty laughter, they came back to their senses from their mental trance, and at the same time, their bodies also became unstable. Tighten again.
Wang Xuan continued: “Ling Han, don’t you love being cute t

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