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tter when they glanced at each of the six-level powerhouses, they did not take action immediately.


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Wang Xuan’s divine sense of being able to break through all areas gave him a vague feeling that these demons and ghosts were hesitating. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to take action, but they were brewing cold murderous intent, but they were hesitant.
“Is it him? Two sixes were broken?” The feathers on the purple bird’s head were spread out. The man with a human body, with purple mist and quite aura, looked towards Wang Xuan.
/Zheng nodded and told these victims that he was not sure about this person and that he should be a creature of the same level.
“This old boy came over here. As expected, he is closely related to the creatures in the wonders of Guizhen. They are indistinguishable from each other.” Wang Xuan felt quite troubled.
After a long quarrel, he was the primary target of a group of people. If this was the case, they would really have to engage in guerrilla warfare, which further inspired him to kill an old demon.
No matter how cruel you say, it’s useless. Finding a way to kill one of them might make them afraid.
Yun Ling, Hun Tian and others from Source No. 2, who were all powerful in breaking up the world, secretly breathed a sigh of relief while their hearts were heavy. They never expected that Source No. 3 would be so dangerous after the “underlying information” of Source No. 3 came out.
If one of them fails, they may all be wiped out!
Yun Ling, Huntian and others are extremely pessimistic. It is estimated that it will be difficult to recover the so-called blood debt of the past.
The woman with the destiny lamp hanging in front of her said: “It’s rare. He should have broken six in a row before the two extraordinary sources merged. Bring him here for analysis.”
Source No. 3 is powerful because it has long been integrated with a wonderland of return to truth, which has raised the upper limit of the entire world. However, if the six broken creatures in the new mythical world have reached this state, they are quite beyond the scope.
“Oh, good friend, come here, let’s get close.” The monster covered in black hair walked forward, and the fog of chaos filled the whole body. This pure land numbered 13 was refined by the big universe. His steps shook the whole body.
Wang Xuan is sure that these remnants regard Source No. 3 as their base. If something happens, they will take care of it, and now they will not hesitate to come across the universe to take action.
“In the past, natural disasters struck and the secret road to return to the truth was cut off. You and I were both fugitives, so why bother to make things difficult for each other?” Wang Xuan was conducting final communication and peace talks.
“Huh?” Sure enough, the people across from him were all startled, showing surprise. However, their expressions soon became dull.
/“Different secret roads to return to the truth are all competitors. Now that we have met, let’s ‘communicate’ more. Besides, we are not sure whether you are the person who esc

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