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howed strange expressions. Some were surprised, while others wanted to laugh.


Jan 18, 2024

One of the women covered her mouth, laughed back and forth, her flower branches trembling, and said: “The majestic white tiger demon, a generation of demon immortals, was treated like a cat, and the stain will never be washed away. Anyway, I heard it with my own ears, Ha ha”
Wang Xuan wanted to ask her, who are you? It’s okay to make a fuss!
But after thinking about it, he thought it was better to keep his mouth shut, as those people were probably all fairies.
“Shut up, he’s not talking about me, that’s a ray of my spiritual body that I left in my hometown back then!” The White Tiger Demon Fairy retorted, there were some secrets that she couldn’t tell even to death, and she wouldn’t tell these people.
Wang Xuan felt that since the benefits had been taken away, it was better to be kind and not irritate her.
He turned around and said to the ferryman: “Look, the transaction is completed. Isn’t it time to send me to the secret road? It’s getting late. I’m waiting to go back.”
“You are now experiencing a secret road.” The ferryman informed.
And, he added: “She paid a high commission and now has the right to meet you face to face, and the time should not be over yet.”
/Wang Xuan could only stare and waste his time here.
“Evil thief, return the medicine soil to me!” The White Tiger Demon Fairy was so angry that she wanted to hit herself. She never expected that she could meet her enemies here.
“If you don’t pay it back, the transaction is completed. You can’t go back on it. You have already given it to me!” Wang Xuan raised his head and refused simply.
“That’s my master’s medicinal soil, you can’t afford it!” The baby-fat face of the woman in white was filled with shame, anger, and she was really going to go berserk today.
“Don’t be angry, she and I also know each other. You see, we are destined to meet each other even if we enter deep space.” Wang Xuan comforted her. In the end, he was quite touched and said: “Destiny is wonderful.”
“Who is destined for you, ah ah ah ah, I’m so angry!” The woman in white felt like she was going crazy. She hated herself. Why was there such a magical operation today? She couldn’t believe it herself.
/“Don’t force me to come into this world and kill you!” she threatened.
Wang Xuan didn’t like hearing it anymore and said, “Then come over here. I haven’t petted the cat for a long time. It’s probably a baby!”
The White Tiger Demon Fairy felt that he was really going to be torn apart by anger.
Several demons and fairies were standing nearby. They were all big demons with empty eyelashes. They were experienced and experienced. They watched the whole process carefully, thinking about it, and had a rough guess in their minds.
“White Tiger True Immortal, please stop shouting. We know that you are deliberately angry and roaring to cover up certain facts.” A male demon immortal said.
A female demon fairy even asked in a low voice: “Isn’t this young man very simple? You want to hide the truth and secrets abo

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