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utra route. His strength is increasing and is still improving.


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Not long after, Wang Deng slashed the Chaos Disaster Lord in half with a sword, and blood spattered, shocking everyone.
Red Lotus Disaster Master, Kaikai Disaster Master and others came to rescue, but no one expected that Chaos Disaster Master, one of the giants, would be beheaded.
Wang Xuan did not stop. Near the Sword of the Dao, words formed by various sprouts of the Dao formed a mysterious chapter and took away the Chaos Disaster Lord.
“Chase!” However, a group of people failed to catch up, and they felt that at the end of the road ahead, there were terrifying fluctuations one after another.
Finally, there was a roar, chaos erupted, natural disasters surged, and blood dyed the endless deep space and the universe red.
The Lord of Chaos is dead! !
He was beheaded by Wang Xuan!
Everyone was palpitating and horrified. A giant was actually shot to death?
The Red Lotus Disaster Master and the Opening Disaster Master were a little hesitant. As the most important allies, they should pursue him. However, the newly emerged Disaster Master was so powerful that they were too afraid to act rashly.
At this moment, in the distance, immeasurable clouds and mist were rising into the sky, and the ancient pass was shaking violently, shaking the earth.
This was an unexpected incident. The Red Lotus Disaster Master, Kaikai Disaster Master and others took a deep breath and took this opportunity to stop, retreat, and watch the ancient pass.
The place of return to the truth, the ancient pass, is mysterious and cannot be traced back. I don’t know which era it originated from, and there is no way to verify and study it. At least it has existed longer than the disaster victims present. ?
/It is majestic and tall, but it is sealed, intertwined and covered by the lines of the avenue.
At this time, countless runes bloomed, and a large amount of mist rushed up, flooding the place. The ancient pass roared violently and shook continuously.
The cursed beast once said that there was a problem with the extraordinary cycle, and it was not the fault of the disaster owner. When Wang Xuan entered the place where he returned to his true state, he was investigating these things. He seriously suspected that they were related to this ancient pass.
/The Taoist rhyme is stagnant there and does not flow smoothly.
The only way seemed to be nearby, covered by mist, as if something was swallowing it.
The runes and mist there surged and evolved, and it was a real natural disaster. When it spread out, it looked like the Umbrella of Eternal Silence!
“Is it him?” Wang Xuan was startled. He saw a pair of legs belonging to a mysterious disaster victim. The right leg was covered with silver scales, and the left leg was covered with long purple hair, which was very strange.
The upper body with missing legs appeared at this moment. In front of the dark ancient pass, the earth collapsed, and the bloody body rose into the sky in the mist.
There he was reorganized into a complete livin

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