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und and finally cursed: “These warriors are not as useful as raising a dog. Give them a bone and it will wag its tail. Do you want to become a cultivator? If you don’t obey the control, what’s the use of them!”


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“A group of old men are not decisive enough. They just kill them directly. They have too many worries.” He walked around.
“Let’s find someone to kill him ourselves and study his body, just in time to perfect the Blazing Sun Bodhisattva.” His shadow bodyguard spoke in the room.
“What do you want?!” Qin Hong glanced at him coldly and said, “On the cusp of the storm, do you want me to do the hard work myself?”
A group of old men refused to nod. The resources he used were limited and he had to apply to even open a warship.
“He is extraordinary. If you can’t kill him, you have to worry about being assassinated by him. If you deal with him, you won’t be able to kill him without using super conventional weapons.”
He glared at the shadow bodyguard fiercely and said, “Please pay attention to me from now on and don’t talk nonsense.”
“Yes!” The shadow bodyguard lowered his head.
“Today, someone should have contacted us. Want to buy a micro-robot?” Qin Hong asked.
“I was contacted yesterday, and I was contacted twice today.” The shadow bodyguard informed.
“Oh, those people just came back from the secret place yesterday, and some of them couldn’t bear it anymore. I know who they are, and I sold it to them to watch the show!”
Then, Qin Hong sneered: “Tell the people in the laboratory to be honest and responsible now, and don’t pay attention to Chen Yongjie, and don’t cause trouble for me! In the future, there will be extraordinary blood, which can be purchased through underground channels. Someone won’t be able to help but take action!”
The next day, Wang Xuan set off for Yuancheng.
Most of the Easterners live in Middle-earth.
Su City is located in the central region of Zhongzhou, while Yuancheng is the westernmost city.
Wang Xuan took the spaceship from Su City to Yuancheng in just one hour.
When he first came to Xinxing, he lived in Yuancheng and saw a very poor little girl in the community who suffered from the five debilitating diseases of heaven and man.
/We met several times, and the child was very distressing. She was about to die, but she comforted her mother and asked her mother to have another brother after she died.
In fact, she didn’t know that her father passed away a few months ago.
/At that time, Wang Xuan was deeply touched when he listened to her childish words.
At that time, Wang Xuan decided that if he could help, he would give it a try.
He learned through Zhao Qinghan that there is currently no solution for people suffering from this disease, and patients in major chaebols are taking palliatives picked from the secret land.
This time he picked some in the secret land. It was not a magic medicine, but it could temporarily suppress the five diseases of heaven and man.
Familiar community, some vague impressions of people, but Wang Xuan did not see Lele and her mother, and no one opene

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