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s of song downloads, “Inflammable and Explosive” is the most powerful one.


Jan 17, 2024

And when “Inflammable and Explosive” spread rapidly.
In the Yinlan Library of Qinzhou Publishing Company, editors have no time to enjoy listening to music and watching videos.
They are busy reviewing novel submissions for this year’s Supernova Awards.
Perhaps because the profession of novelist is becoming more and more popular among the public, the Supernova Awards received more submissions this year than in previous years.
So starting a few days ago, the editors have been reviewing the manuscript continuously.
In order to complete the review before the deadline, each editor’s desk is filled with various refreshing drinks, as well as endless supplies of coffee.
Yang Feng is one of the review editors of Yinlan Library.
In the past few days of reviewing manuscripts, Yang Feng had read countless novels and was already dizzy at the moment.
/Both coffee and a certain cow are becoming resistant.
In order to stay focused, he had to go to the bathroom and smoke a cigarette.
There were several editors in a similar situation to Yang Feng, so while puffing away in the bathroom, several editors who were smoking together discussed the content of the review in the past few days.
“Have you found the recommendation draft?”
“I haven’t yet, but there are already a few that are pretty good. I’ll go through all the manuscripts in my hand first, and then observe them carefully to avoid the works that I like being screened out during cross-review.”
“Every year’s supernova is a bet.”
Editors have several recommendation quotas after reviewing the manuscripts in their hands. Once the work recommended by an editor is finally adopted by the editor-in-chief, performance will be counted in the future, so editors are very cautious about their recommendation quotas.
At this moment.
/An editor said: “This year’s submissions are still mainly about otherworldly adventures. Because there are so many people writing, it is not easy to find the best one.”
This sentence resonated with everyone.
There are too many people writing about otherworldly adventures, so when most people write about the same theme, it is not an easy task to choose the best one.
“After all, it’s a royal theme.”
“It’s a pity that most people are following some popular styles in the market, and few can write their own characteristics.”
“But this subject is prone to hits.”
“Yes, it is normal for many people to write about popular themes. Take me for example. After reading so many otherworldly adventures, I still enjoy these types of stories.”
Yang Feng did not participate in the discussion.
After smoking, he went back to his seat to work.
In the editorial department, most editors are optimistic about the popular themes of otherworldly adventures, and the criteria for selecting books are basically aligned with such themes, but Yang Feng has a different view.
Of course he also likes otherworldly adventure themes.
However, because there are too many novels about adventures in other world

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