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now, two people appeared in this place. This was a collision of different extraordinary civilizations, and they were fighting with swords.


Jan 17, 2024

In fact, neither of them had physical swords. Their whole bodies, from their arms to their fingers to their hair, were all weapons. They were all glowing with unparalleled sword light.
It was impossible for the man who emerged from the dust to stand still and move at a very fast speed, beyond the understanding of the world. It was like a ray of light flying, merging into the sword light in the sky. He was everywhere, and his figure was everywhere. Wherever Kong Ming’s sword intent reaches, the void seems to be split.
Clang, clang, clang!
/The two transcended the times and were the strongest seeds from different extraordinary civilizations, but when they met at this moment, they both went all out, as if they had forgotten everything else. Only this kind of battle could make them devote themselves wholeheartedly.
They travel across the sky and the earth, each of them seems to have lost their figure, hidden in the boundless sword light. Others may not be able to see it, but they themselves are very aware of each other’s existence.
At this moment, they surpassed the sword light, like lightning, like clouds and smoke, fast and invisible, as if they were on the same spot, and as if their figures could be seen all over the sky.
Wang Banxian, as his name suggests, although his attack power is unparalleled in his generation and his lethality is astonishing, there is no fireworks when he strikes. Even the light of his sword is so ethereal, full of spirituality and extraordinary.
This is a true swordsman, in line with people’s best imagination. He is like a man walking out of a picture scroll. He is spotless, mundane and quiet. He moves his hands and feet, and the wisps of sword light are like clouds and mist, like poetry, attached to his body. The body does not look like a bloody fight, giving people a visual aesthetic enjoyment.
When Wang Xuan took action, it was completely different. When he moved, he was like thunder falling from the sky, fast and violent. The blazing sword light intertwined in the void one after another, as if it was going to pierce the heaven and earth and split the sky.
There is no distinction between superior and inferior, and there is no question of which one is weaker or stronger in artistic conception. The swordsmanship between the two is like a rainbow, unparalleled. The only difference is in temperament.
Not far away, Zhao Qinghan covered his temples, his eyes blurred with tears for a while, and he called softly: “Senior brother.”
After a while, her eyes became somewhat clear again, and she whispered: “Wang Xuan.”
In this series, the duel between two young men is an unprecedented battle, not only unprecedented, but also rare in ancient and modern times.
“I’m going to blow it up!”
/Someone exclaimed, attracting everyone’s attention, and there was a sudden commotion.
“It’s too powerful. This kind of sword light puts great pressure on limit-breakers.

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