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t, and there is no imagination of the protagonist showing off his power to tame hyenas and tigers and then lead the animals to survive. There are only the rules of nature where the jungle prevails!


Jan 17, 2024

The hyena is hungry!
It can’t eat people!
So it wants to eat zebras and orangutans!
The tiger was also hungry, so the tiger killed the hyena!
“Tiger has no emotions. Hyenas, orangutans, or zebras will all become its food. Pie is also his backup food. When the animals are gone, it will find a way to eat people!”
“When Pi was a kid, he always believed that animals have emotions.”
“It’s hard to say whether such wild animals have emotions, but to survive at sea, such cruelty is too normal. Tigers will inevitably eat other animals in order to survive. There was a plot foreshadowing in the previous 30 minutes. Pi’s father said it very well Well, animals will always be animals. Animals only have bestiality, while people have human nature, so animals will eat other animals when they are hungry, but people will not eat people when they are hungry.”
“I’m so curious about the plot behind it. How will Pi fight against the tiger?”
“The propaganda says that Pai will coexist with the tiger for more than two hundred days. For more than two hundred days, the tiger won’t eat him until all his bones are left?”
“Little girl, do you want to know the protagonist’s halo?”
“Look at the next plot, how Xianyu plans to come true.”
The audience has now watched it with gusto. After the boring foreshadowing of the first half hour, the plot is still very interesting and the anticipation for the plot is strong.
How can humans and tigers coexist for more than two hundred days?
Everyone is very curious about this.
As the movie played, An Xu was also thinking, but he was thinking more than the average audience!
He is not a fool!
/I have watched the movie for about an hour. How stupid is it to think of this movie as an ordinary commercial movie?
It’s not that An Xu reacts slowly.
In fact, the boring foreshadowing of the first thirty minutes has already made An Xu realize that something is wrong with this movie.
He smelled something!
That’s the flavor of a literary film!
Art films?
With hundreds of millions invested and top-notch shooting specifications, Xianyu ended up producing an art film?
An Xu felt that his understanding of the movie had a huge impact!
This is the reason why An Xu dared not be sure until now!
How dare you dare to play like this!
So many billions were spent on the profitability of a literary film! ?
Go crazy!
Really, when you tell an interesting plot using the style of a literary film, the audience will buy it! ?
So greedy!
Xianyu wanted both the reputation of a literary film and the box office of a commercial film, so he made a movie like this!
From boring to interesting in one hour!
This movie has just begun to enter the rhythm of the plot between humans and tigers!
How exciting will the subsequent plot be to support this investment?
/An Xu couldn’t imagine it!
At the same time that An Xu came to his

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