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Jan 17, 2024

But until the novel is written, these words have no meaning.
In the days that followed, Lin Yuan kept writing “Journey to the West”.
Until mid-October.
Lin Yuan finally completed this masterpiece!
He sent both versions of the story directly to Kaneki.
Jin Mu smiled and said, “I will send them to the Silver Blue Library and the Literary and Art Association in a while.”
Lin Yuan was stunned: “Literary and Art Association?”
/Kaneki nodded: “Works that compete for awards must be reported to the Literary and Art Association, because they need time to make selections.”
Lin Yuan had no objection.
Half an hour later, Jinmu sent successfully.
Literary Society.
The Fantasy Novel Management Department is holding a meeting at this time.
A woman in her fifties wearing glasses at the main seat said:
“The situation of this year’s selection of great gods has been basically determined. There should be no changes at the end of the year. However, there is still one spot for the Supreme God that needs to be considered. Currently we have three nominations.”
Everyone was stunned.
“Isn’t there two?”
“The devil boy and Ye Nan Tingfeng.”
/“Three people, including Chu Kuang?”
“I am also very optimistic about Chu Kuang, but Chu Kuang seems to be a little bit behind the standard.”
“Although Chu Kuang will have a novel by the end of the year, with such a big gap, one novel may not be enough.”
The leaders of the management department expressed their opinions.
The list of great gods and supreme leaders has been discussed repeatedly in meetings.
The list of the Supreme God has also been basically determined.
According to common sense, in the end, we have to see the works of these two people at the end of the year to make a more accurate judgment.
As a result, in today’s meeting, the leader actually said that there were three shortlisted places.
good enough?
Everyone laughed and immediately shook their heads.
The Literary and Art Association has long studied Chu Kuang’s situation.
Was “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” back then good enough?
However, the Literary and Art Association had a very good impression of Chu Kuang.
It is said that the top bosses are also very concerned about Chu Kuang, and even praised him by name in private.
Therefore, no one said much.
at this time.
An assistant appeared and whispered something into the bespectacled woman’s ear.
The woman’s eyes lit up and she said with a smile: “Chu Kuang just sent the content of the new book “Journey to the West”. How about we take a look at it first. If it doesn’t work, consider Mo Tong and Ye Nan Tingfeng this year.”
“Did it arrive?”
Everyone nodded in agreement after hearing this.
A few minutes later, the conference assistant came in with the manuscript.
When everyone saw the manuscript in their hands, they were stunned and said, “Why are there two copies?”
“Confirm with all the leaders that “Journey to the West” is indeed two copies.”
The meeting assistant explained: “Teacher Chu Kuang wrote two versions of

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