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, which was truly close to the collision between Tao methods, completely suppressed all the whining and roaring sounds of the storm.


Jan 17, 2024

Between heaven and earth, there is only the graceful sound of the Tao.
/And in that Taoist sound, it belongs to Chu Weiyang’s extremely pure Taoist spirit. When he has completely settled in the realm of Jindan, all the previous changes suddenly transcended the barriers and completely transformed and sublimated. At that moment, Chu Weiyang’s movements suddenly stopped in the suspended phantom.
The sutra also came to an abrupt end.
All the vast and mysterious Taoist processes, at this moment, stopped at the first step of entering the golden elixir realm, and immediately became unsustainable.
Immediately afterwards, the illusion suddenly became more vivid.
Half hanging in the air, Taoist Xuanhe was holding the talisman pen in one hand. Suddenly, with a lonely look on his face, he sighed softly with a look of regret.
But at this moment, the sighing sounds were like heavy hammers hitting the minds of the cultivators of Wu Jin Sect.
It seems that at this moment, the reason why this sutra ended abruptly when he first entered the golden elixir realm was not because of Chu Weiyang’s original plan, but because the support given by the cultivators was insufficient and he never had a true golden elixir. The monks from this realm came to teach Xuanhe Taoist to realize the truth, but they had no choice but to stop here.
The creation and recording of Taoism is also a matter that takes people’s inspiration and talent into consideration. No one knows whether such a great thing today will continue in the future. No one knows that this moment has come to an abrupt end. Will the monks of various veins become the witch sect and become the sinners in the realm of the nine chambers of Baoxian!
As a result, many cultivators who had previously been in ecstasy either lowered their heads looking a little lonely, or suddenly thought of something and looked at individual figures in the crowd almost angrily, making those figures feel ashamed. stand up.
/But no matter what, Chu Weiyang deduced such a complete path from the beginning of practice to the realm of golden elixir, and the path itself did not end abruptly with the end of the sutra. end.
The blank space where you put down the pen is a graceful aftertaste that will never fade away.
And among the prosperous scriptures and texts, there are all kinds of auxiliary secret methods and various auxiliary cultivation methods. In terms of cultivation, there are poor cultivation methods, rich cultivation methods, and monks with less talents can master it. If you just muddle along, even the most gifted and talented people can strive for perfection.
This is a complete Taoist canon that truly has the foundation of universal transmission!
This is enough!
So, among the infinite gilded divine flowers soaring into the sky, at this moment, among the graceful Taoist sounds, the light collision and grinding sounds suddenly turned into some kind of real music that fi

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