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herwise, it would have been impossible for two rich men with status to almost quarrel over a painting.


Jan 17, 2024

Wang Xin brought him here today, and he was very grateful!
Without this trip, he really wouldn’t have seen such a good painting, so all his previous unhappiness has disappeared without a trace!
At this time.
Wang Xin hesitated and said, “I just don’t know if the paintings in this room are as good as they say.”
It’s not that he doesn’t trust this hotel.
The painting “Eagle Spreading Its Wings and Swallowing Mountains and Rivers” in his suite was so good that Wang Xin couldn’t believe that this hotel could have a painting of the same level!
“You’ll know just by looking at it.”
Miao Bai was also beating a drum in his heart.
As the two of them went deeper, they finally came to the painting.
When this painting “Spring Trees and Autumn Frost” was displayed in front of the two of them, their expressions changed almost at the same time!
It is different from the heroic image of an eagle spreading its wings.
In this painting, there are spring mountains sprouting green, and flowing springs splashing in the valley, gurgling thinly.
The high ridges towered everywhere, and the dead trees sprouted new branches and sprouted slender buds, forming a strong sense of spring.
Between the confrontation of green mountains, strange peaks cover the sky;
On the top of the mountain, the dense woods are like a huge black blanket buckled on the cliff. Clusters of unknown wild flowers pop out of the black and green from the rock wall.
Strange rocks lie on the waves above the clear stream;
There are gauze-like cloud shadows between the mountains and rivers, looming and looming, as if they are turning into steaming mist.
At the mouth of the valley.
/The two scribes sat cross-legged on a rock near the stream to talk.
There is a hanging spring at your feet, which merges into the stream, and jumping beads splash out, as if there is a cold sound.
Qingya comes out of the dust!
The fusion of mountains and water is the combination of stillness and movement, the combination of monotony and excitement, which constitutes the most beautiful scenery.
natural beauty!
To the fullest!
Stand in front of this painting.
Miao Bai seemed to be one of the scribes, smelling the fragrance of spring mud.
He even felt an inexplicable coolness on his cheeks, as if his face had been splashed by the stream in the painting, and then the oncoming spring breeze blew gently, instantly refreshing his heart and mind, making him feel cool and comfortable.
Miao Bai felt this way.
Wang Xin, who was next to him, also had similar feelings. He murmured: “There are really paintings that are not inferior to those in my suite, only slightly inferior to the previous one.”
“Every flower is in his own eyes.”
Miao Bai felt that his mood was calmer than ever before, and he even spoke softly:
“Brother Wang thinks it’s better for an eagle to spread its wings and swallow up the world, but I think this painting “Spring Trees and Autumn Frost” is more

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