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Jan 17, 2024

A voice suddenly sounded from the stadium loudspeaker:
“In order for Qizhou to achieve results in the Blue Games, I know that everyone has been training very hard and very hard recently. In order to boost everyone’s morale, we specially prepared a song to boost morale for everyone. I hope everyone will grit their teeth for the best last month. Qinzhou has what Qizhou has!”
The voice of the man broadcasting suddenly became high-pitched!
The athletes were stunned.
Boost morale?
Is the above trying to imitate Qinzhou and also sing a song to cheer up Qizhou athletes?
Who wrote the song?
A certain music dad from Qizhou?
At this time.
Suddenly someone exclaimed: “Xianyu!”
Swish, swish, swish!
Everyone’s eyes subconsciously focused on the TV screen, and then everyone’s expressions changed!
Boom, boom, boom!
/The fast-paced drum set crackled, and then all the information about the song appeared on the screen!
Song title: I believe
Lyricist: Xianyu
Composer: Xianyu
Singer: Fish Dynasty
/This song to boost the morale of Qizhou athletes was also written by Xianyu!
The noise is rising!
Before anyone could start a discussion, an image suddenly appeared on the screen!
This is
The picture is a bit dark.
There is a bit of helplessness and sadness.
This is a scar!
Sure enough, the scene that followed was the scene of the football players crying after losing the game.
As if infected by the sadness of the time.
The football players suddenly couldn’t eat.
next moment.
The Qizhou football players raised their eyebrows.
And in the midst of laughter, heavy singing suddenly sounded!
High pitched!
“I want to fly into the sky and be side by side with the sun
The world is waiting for me to change
Never be afraid of others seeing the dreams you want to make
I can achieve it here
Laughing loudly brings you and me side by side
Where can’t there be unlimited joy?
Put aside worries and bravely stride forward
I’m standing in the middle of the stage.”
Not just the football team!
Almost all the athletes in the cafeteria put down their bowls and chopsticks. They could only feel the blood flow in their bodies gradually speeding up during the singing!
A certain emotion is quietly spreading!
As the song started to sound, more and more pictures appeared on the screen.
Those were countless classic moments when Qizhou athletes sweated in the major events of the Blue Games in previous years!
Swish, brush, brush!
Almost every lyric is matched with a scene that matches the scene.
For example, when the song reaches “I’m standing in the middle of the stage,” the scene happens to be the moment when a retired athlete from the Qizhou track and field team won the championship nine years ago and raised the medal high!
He’s being celebrated!
These images are changing!
The eyes on the scene suddenly became hot!
The Blue Games is the highest stage in the minds of all athletes!
Who doesn’t long to win a gold medal for his continent in his lifetime, enjoy countless flowers and glory, and h

By sangna