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of Masked Singer” at the moment:


Jan 17, 2024

#仙鱼harem unveils#
#SunYaohuoand”Red Rose”#
# Mermaid enters the top six#
In addition, the songs that appeared on the stage were also discussed by countless people.
Among them, the mute singing of King Lanling is the most surprising.
Not the best in the game.
But it’s definitely the most topical!
The song “He Must Love You Very Much” has received unanimous praise for its unique singing style.
With the song “It Doesn’t Matter”, countless people have interpreted the meaning of this song. Some people regard this song as King Lanling’s response to external controversies.
And on the stage at this moment.
As Lin Yuan shouted the words “We are the Fish Dynasty”, a subtle feeling suddenly arose in his heart.
That’s not bad either.
This is your manifesto.
But I said it too.
So why not try to make this statement come true?
The game ended with applause from the audience.
Tong Shuwen gathered the remaining six singers together and said with a smile: “Congratulations to everyone for advancing to the top six. Our next round is the finals. I hope you will prepare well.”
Everyone nodded.
Tong Shuwen continued: “Then the rules of the finals are still in the matchup mode. This time we can inform your opponents in advance. This is also the result of random matching.”
Everyone looked at Tong Shuwen.
If you know who your opponent is in advance, you can choose songs accordingly. This new rule is quite interesting.
“I’ll just announce it.”
The Overlord was silent.
The mermaid was also silent.
King Lanling versus the Goddess of Vengeance.
However, Tong Shuwen was read again.
The goddess of revenge suddenly looked at King Lanling, her eyes seemed a little fiery.
The elf was helpless: “I want to confront King Lanling”
“Prince Lanling is mine.”
/Nemesis and Overlord spoke almost at the same time.
The white swan was confused.
The mermaid is confused.
It is normal for the Elf to want to fight against King Lanling, because the Elf has been criticized by King Lanling and has always wanted to avenge his own team.
But why do you, the overlord, join in the fun?
It seems that King Lanling has never attacked the Overlord, right?
The expressions behind the masks of several singers are somewhat exciting.
/Overlord didn’t explain either.
Lin Yuan thought nothing of it.
Tong Shuwen said with a smile: “Three performances are not enough. Among the six singers in the next period, one of the best performing singers will be recommended by the four judges and directly enter the finals.”
The six singers had mixed reactions.
Everyone nodded.
This arrangement is still very reasonable.
The rules of this program have always been very reasonable and there has been no unfairness.
In fact, it can’t be unfair.
With so many singers and singers together, even the first-line influence is terrifying. Who would the program crew dare to shady?
Not to mention the signboard of the Literary and Art Association was placed there.

By sangna