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to give way, right?


Jan 16, 2024

To describe it in one sentence:
Everything is fate, nothing is up to you.
the other side.
An officially designated recording studio in Beijing.
The singers arrived one after another.
The singers from the Fish Dynasty who were named also came.
Unlike other singers who smile all over their faces.
When Sun Yaohuo and other Yu Dynasty singers arrived at the recording studio, their expressions were full of depression.
It’s not that they don’t want to participate in the recording of promotional songs.
What singer would refuse such a good opportunity?
In order to participate in the recording, even the most famous singers will temporarily put down their announcements and participate in the recording of promotional songs.
This is qualifications and honor!
Especially for Qinzhou singers!
What makes Sun Yaohuo and others depressed is that the song they are going to record may end Xianyu’s seven consecutive championships.
Because of this matter, the outside world was in a state of uproar.
Of course, Sun Yaohuo and others also got the news, which was why everyone was in a bad mood. Yu Dynasty wanted Xianyu to win the 12th consecutive championship more than anyone else.
When Sun Yaohuo and others finished recording the song and were about to leave, they were suddenly taken to a secret room by several official staff.
inside the room.
Lin Yuan said: “Hello everyone.”
Everyone was stunned.
Why is Teacher Xianyu here?
Lin Yuan showed a helpless smile.
In fact, when Lin Yuan first started, he was just as confused as the outside world.
Why didn’t the Blue Games directly announce that he was the creator of the promotional theme song for this year’s Blue Games?
It looks like
Are you deliberately misleading everyone?
It wasn’t until Di Fan explained to Lin Yuan that Lin Yuan knew:
The official did it on purpose!
Everyone knows that Xianyu is aiming for 12 consecutive championships!
That being the case
So why not take advantage of the situation and play a little easter egg?
Add more fire to this Blue Games!
Can’t say.
It can also be passed down as a good story in the future!
The officials have put a lot of thought into this matter and want to make this Blue Games outstanding from now on.
One can imagine.
When everyone thought that July Xianyu would definitely lose, they suddenly discovered that the promotional song for the Blue Games was actually
Surprised or not?
Is it surprising?
Is it irritating?
Don’t be afraid, everyone!
Officially, my teammates are here this time!
What Lin Yuan has to do is not to show up for the time being, keeping the matter completely confidential, and the official will not disclose the specific situation.
Just a few days.
Because the song was released a few days later.
Listen to Lin Yuan finish
Sun Yaohuo and others couldn’t laugh or cry!
/Who said the official won’t hype it?
This wave of hype techniques is obviously very skilled!
/Lin Yuan did not comment on the official hype methods, but only stated his own purpose:
“I came

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