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y slid away. The young man was like the legendary invulnerable body.


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“You’re only two heavens higher than me, you can’t do that.” Wang Xuan reached out and grabbed the opponent’s bright fist mark that hit him at a high speed. The terrifying blow that could have exploded the sea of ??stars dimmed instantly.
Zhuo Han’s fist was covered, the royal runes were extinguished, and then exploded with bloody light, then his arm exploded, and then half of his body disintegrated.
What kind of monster did he encounter?
“It turns out that you still have some disciples, but they are not very good. Like Fu Hai, they give up on themselves, revel in the apocalypse, and anesthetize themselves. However, you did not let me down after all.” Wang Xuan got the blessing of the other side from Zhuo Han. coordinate.
The place on the other side is very mysterious. It is surrounded by darkness and eternal silence all year round, but it has strong radiation. In the past, there were old god masters and old beast kings who ran there to receive strong radiation after they had no way out, hoping to mutate themselves.
/Regardless of whether he goes or not, this is extremely valuable information to Wang Xuan.
Naturally, ordinary strangers cannot penetrate that unimaginable area of ??eternal silence. The darkness is the same for all eternity and is beyond the imagination of extraordinary people. However, Wang Xuan felt that he might be able to cross it.
On that day, the other disciples of Yi Ren Zhuo Han were also destroyed.
“Well, when I was in the old land of the mother universe, I couldn’t even bear to kill my attackers. I just wanted to be sent to prison. Now I raise my hand and kill extraordinary people and strangers without even frowning. I Have you become cold-blooded?”
Wang Xuan shook his head. After entering the extraordinary world for more than 1,500 years, everything has changed and he can never go back to the past.
Next, he officially began to collect the immortal heritage that had been left over from the entire era of the Extraordinary Central World. Many textures appeared on the withered yellow paper, and even occasional scriptures shone directly.
Wang Xuan discovered that paper is indeed magical. Even if it stands still, it will actively condense the Dao patterns and absorb the true charm left by the old era.
/He cooperated with the Taoist paper to take the initiative and followed wherever it flew. When necessary, he used fog to isolate and imprison it, because the paper almost escaped several times.
Soon, he entered its “dark side” from a mythical planet, breaking away from the real world. This was the fairyland, but it had been extinguished long ago. It was dark, cold, and empty, like a ghost land.
The paper carrying scriptures felt like a fish in water here, especially as it went deeper, it was illuminated by a cluster of firelight, and then the virtual image of the massive scriptures was fireflies flying in, covering the sky and the earth, submerging the paper. It stopped moving, no longer escaped, and emitted The endless

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