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Jan 16, 2024

My performance over the years has indeed become more monstrous, and it has indeed become more and more exaggerated.
And Chai Yin’s own confirmation today was enough to dispel everyone’s inner doubts about himself.
It can be said that some potential crises have been resolved invisibly.
From this perspective, my own experiences of being terminally ill are truly an extremely valuable asset.
Chai Yin killed all doubts from the root with just a casual dig.
According to the settings everyone imagined
Then if I behave a little more outrageously next, it shouldn’t be too much, right?
In the midst of discussions in various continents about “the beautiful fish is beautiful, strong and miserable”.
this day.
As soon as Lin Yuan entered the venue, he attracted attention from all parties, and some audience members even shouted:
Behind the core coaching staff from each continent are the players participating in the competition. There are many top stars from each continent. Usually, wherever you go, there are screams one after another, but today
All right.
Not just today.
Xianyu always attracts attention every time he appears.
This is an anomaly.
Those who don’t know may think he is the player.
How can a songwriter who stays behind the scenes be more terrifyingly popular than a big star in front of the stage?
The players murmured in their hearts.
Not just live.
The same is true for major live broadcast rooms.
Even the live broadcast room in Zhongzhou is not immune.
“Xianyu is really getting more and more handsome the more I look at him!”
“Why are such high-quality human males not from us Middle-earth people!”
“This unscientific!”
“He seems to be a born protagonist!”
“After I saw the male protagonists of those beautiful girl comics, I drew them like Xianyu.”
“He’s obviously his opponent, but just because of his face, I can’t get enough of him!”
“The main thing is to read his story, which is really shocking.”
“Is there a game for him today?”
The two Zhongzhou commentators didn’t know what to say when they saw the barrage, they could only cry sadly in their hearts:
Depend on!
This is the enemy!
Please wake up!
The coaching staff from all continents took their seats.
Today’s game begins.
Up next is the finals of the women’s rock group.
Fish Dynasty female singer Zhao Yingchrome broke in on behalf of Qinzhou and was about to face off against Zhongzhou and Hanzhou’s opponents.
Zhao Yingchrome did not have this strength before.
However, after Lin Yuan’s transformation, Zhao Yingchrome is no longer what he used to be.
“Look at me later!”
Lu Sheng blinked at Lin Yuan.
Zhao Yingke’s final piece was provided by Lu Sheng.
/Originally, Lin Yuan wanted to take responsibility himself.
But after listening to Lu Sheng’s songs.
Lin Yuan felt that there was no need to take action.
on the stage.
The Korean contestant sings first.
I have to say that Lu Sheng is really strong.
The song he prepared for Zhao Yingchun is very suitable for the other party.

By sangna