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t dead. Liu Changan could be sure of this. Fortunately, in the future, little hens or roosters would be sent every day. After absorbing a lot of life, it might not take too long for Liu Changan to see it. The expected scene.


Jan 16, 2024

Liu Changan ate a lot of rice dumplings in the evening, so he couldn’t waste them. The previous method was to soak the cooked rice dumplings in water to preserve them, but now they basically use the refrigerator. Liu Changan’s small refrigerator has a small capacity, so he has to eat them quickly. OK.
Zhou Dongdong brought a basket of red bean paste rice dumplings to Liu Changan, and Liu Changan returned the favor by mentioning meat rice dumplings. Zhou Dongdong and Liu Changan chatted for a while about the new things they encountered today, then went home, and asked Liu Changan to dig out the little mother tomorrow. Wait for her to come with the chicken.
Liu Changan took up his pen and finished writing the letter to Qin Peng, sealed it in a cylinder, and was still preparing to send it out tomorrow morning.
/Received a call from Bai Hui and asked him to visit his classmates. Everyone had already discussed the Yangui Lake barbecue event tomorrow to see if he would participate.
Liu Changan thought for a while, and it happened that someone would send pullets tomorrow, so the centipedes attracted by the buried pullets would not have to be put in the carriage. They couldn’t waste them. They happened to bring them to a barbecue event, so he agreed. .
/It was a big one, not small at all. Liu Changan didn’t regret it and put it directly into the carriage. Then he dug out the dead hen in the pit and buried it for a longer time. The centipede inside was big and fat. , Liu Changan put all the centipedes into bottles, then cleaned them and prepared to take them to the barbecue event.
When Zhou Dongdong went downstairs, he found that the place where the little hen was buried had been dug up, and he was very angry. As expected, Liu Changan did not wait for Zhou Dongdong to dig together. After she handed the soy milk to Liu Changan, she took the little toy she brought down. The chicken was buried in the original pit, stood on it and jumped for a long time, trampling the soil tightly, and warned Liu Changan not to dig out her chicks.
Liu Changan watched Zhou Dongdong finish burying the toy chicken, drink the soy milk, and then set off to run to Yangui Lake.
Yangui Lake is in the northwest corner of Junsha. You can see the clear water from the top of Lushan Mountain. It is actually nearly 20 kilometers away from Liu Changan’s home.
Liu Changan planned to run there in two to three hours. This was not a very difficult task for him. After all, most of the great migrations in the past and present were carried out by walking, not to mention horse-drawn carriages, and ox-carts were all used. Excellent treatment.
What’s more, walking long distances is now much safer and more convenient than before. When Su Shi was demoted to the South Island in the early years, Mr. Si Gu from Meishan traveled thousands of miles

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