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Gala. After watching it, I learned that there was news that the ratings of the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala surpassed those of Zhongzhou. My family and I were confused. !”


Jan 16, 2024

“Plus one upstairs.”
“Looking confused.”
“Let’s watch the replay tomorrow.”
“Thank you Fish Daddy, it’s so beautiful!”
“Teacher Shadow did a great job too!”
“The three gay friends all did a perfect job. The old thief Chu Kuang has tortured us readers for so long. Who would have thought that this year he would write sketches and cross talk, making us laugh. This is a bit unlike the cold-blooded person I remember. What a domineering old thief!”
Chu Kuang!
The attention of the three people on their blogs simultaneously exploded.
Because in this Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala, 90% of the wonderful moments were contributed by these three people.
Without them, this Spring Festival Gala would not be possible; without them, the audience would not be able to enjoy so much happiness!
The comment section of the three people is also very lively!
Xianyu’s comment section has the most thanksgiving voices.
Because Xianyu is the planner of this Spring Festival Gala and can be called the biggest hero behind the scenes!
Chu Kuang and Ying Ying joined the Spring Festival Gala all because of Xianyu. This was the news Tong Shuwen revealed in a previous interview.
Shadow’s comment section.
While countless netizens expressed their gratitude and respect, many more were shocked by Shadow’s painting skills.
Everyone’s previous impression of Shadow was more of a cartoonist, but after experiencing this Spring Festival Gala, many people have changed their views.
Chu Kuang’s comment section is the funniest.
Many fans’ comments are very arrogant.
Comments such as “You’ve done well this year”, “The skit is okay”, “The cross talk is okay” are everywhere.
Everyone is in good agreement.
Few people praised this old thief in particularly gorgeous ways and words.
Because this guy has always been a writer that everyone loves and hates. Usually he may hate him more, but tonight he just loves him more.
Lin Yuan must treat everyone equally.
In the car going home with his sister, sister, and mother, he roughly read through the comment sections of the three vests.
At this time.
My sister suddenly said with joy: “The news has come out, our highest ratings reached 39%!”
Mom was curious: “Does this have high ratings?”
My sister said: “This is the Spring Festival Gala’s highest ratings in the past ten years. And if we compare it with the local Spring Festival Gala in previous years, this ratings record has already made history.”
This wave of Qinzhou has indeed created the history of the local Spring Festival Gala.
But no one compares the local Spring Festival Gala with Qinzhou.
Not on the same level at all.
New Year’s Day!
Let’s just take the results of the Zhongzhou Spring Festival Gala and benchmark them against this year’s Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala!
The results are shocking!
The highest ratings of Zhongzhou Spring Fe

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