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ith few big news, so as the two companies mobilized themselves, many people in the industry couldn’t help but pay attention.


Jan 16, 2024

“Red Moon and Lone Wolf?”
“Is this another conflict?”
Many people smiled knowingly.
It stands to reason that although Hongyue and Lone Wolf are powerful, they are not considered top music production companies and will not attract too much attention. If everyone wants to pay attention, they should also pay attention to the fight among gods among the top ten companies.
But the problem is
Xingyue and Lone Wolf had a grudge before!
Many people can’t remember exactly what happened a few years ago. They only remember that Lone Wolf forced Hongyue to obtain a five million order, and even alerted the Qizhou Music Association to intervene. In the end, it even escalated into a lawsuit. situation.
That’s just the beginning.
In the same year that Lone Wolf stole Hongyue’s order, Hongyue stole Lone Wolf’s three million order in the same way!
When Party A was about to sign a contract with Lone Wolf, Hongyue suddenly appeared and snatched the deal at a price as low as 500,000 yuan, and completed it with high quality.
The two sides were completely at odds.
However, the company’s interests came first after all, and the two parties later reached a settlement.
The outside world knows a lot about the specific situation. In short, the two families did not continue to poach each other, and things were quiet for a long time.
As a result, I didn’t expect Seven Star Entertainment to be so cool and actually signed a competition contract with Hongyue and Lone Wolf at the same time.
Isn’t this just setting the stage for Hong Yue and Lone Wolf?
The two companies said they had reconciled, but at the same time they received a competing order. How could they not have any thoughts?
He must be working hard to kill the opponent!
Not to mention the strength of these two companies, there is not much difference.
This is the reason why everyone is interested. Human beings have a natural tendency to watch the excitement. What’s more, does the competition between Hongyue and Lone Wolf still have some sense of grudge match?
“Qixing knows how to play.”
“This hand does have something.”
“The key is that you can’t say that Ren Qixing is unreasonable. After all, Hongyue and Lone Wolf reconciled at the beginning. Now that they have reconciled, we can’t say that Qixing, a competitor, has sinister intentions.”
“How can a big company like this do things according to the facts?”
/“Seven Star Entertainment is not forcing them to sign a contract. If Lone Wolf and Hongyue don’t want to compete, they won’t be able to compete for this contract.”
“After all, the rankings are close. One is going down, the other is going up.”
Discussions in the industry are lively.
/Compared with this incident, the fact that Starlight Music has historically reached the bottom of Party B’s rankings seems a bit insignificant.
Although some people mentioned that Seven Star Entertainment not only found Hongyue and Lone Wolf, they actually found f

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