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hat’s right, wait, no, why is Lin Yuan so handsome and talented?”


Jan 16, 2024

“This way you don’t have to work hard.”
“Eh? So it turns out that I am the template for the protagonist.”
Lin Xuan admired herself, and Nanji, who was next to her, slipped away from her when she heard the words, as if stupidity was contagious.
Woof woof!
Antarctica also seemed to be happy about Lin Yuan’s victory.
The Blue Music Club’s influence fermented very quickly.
The closing ceremony of the live Blue Music Club has just begun.
Because the Blue Music Club was held in Weizhou, Weizhou was naturally responsible for the closing ceremony.
Lin Yuan originally followed Yang Zhongming and others to watch the closing ceremony performance, but from time to time, people came over to say hello.
From Qizhou.
From Chuzhou.
From Yanzhou.
From Korea.
From Weizhou.
From Zhaozhou.
The people from all continents who came to say hello were all at the head coach level, with a bunch of head coaches.
All right.
No matter how bad Lin Yuan is at communicating, he must always deal with it well.
Ye Zhiqiu said with a smile: “Once you become famous, you will be known all over the world. This is true in Weizhou, but it will probably be even more incredible in Qinzhou.”
“What the people want is the hero of Qinzhou.”
Yin Dong spoke, Xianyu had become Qinzhou’s hero.
Zhongzhou won, but they also lost. They won with Infinite Foundation and lost with Abigail.
Abigail is the strongest member of the coaching staff in Middle-earth.
Xianyu’s defeat of such a figure made up for Qinzhou’s regret of losing to Zhongzhou in the gold medal to a certain extent.
“The hero of Qinzhou is also the enemy of Zhongzhou.”
Yang Zhongming spoke: “When Zhongzhou joins the big merger, Xianyu will still face many challenges.”
“Not just Xianyu?”
Lin Yuan nodded seriously.
He even carried out the music of Saint Beethoven, which shows how terrifying Zhongzhou is.
Xianyu will face many opponents in the future.
Where is Chu Kuang?
Where’s the shadow?
Before they fell off their horses, these two vests probably had a lot of things to do, which Lin Yuan could almost foresee.
“Anyway, let’s get ready.”
/Yang Zhongming said: “Start tomorrow and return to Qin!”
The closing ceremony of the Blue Games lasted for two and a half hours.
Each continent needs to take turns finding someone to come on stage to perform a curtain call performance of about ten minutes.
This is a more humane aspect.
/Because the competition rounds are limited.
In every continent there are works that unfortunately did not make it to the stage.
All continents can take advantage of the special session of the closing ceremony to perform the works that everyone feels most regretful about.
Zhongzhou goes up first.
Su Lian came on stage.
use this opportunity.
The singing begins.
And on the Internet.
The live broadcast rooms in various continents were still watching the closing ceremony with great interest, when they suddenly saw Su Lian on the stage, and they were suddenly surprised!

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