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s Chinese painting level is better than that of the instructors!”


Jan 16, 2024

“The oil painting is probably 50-50?”
“Well, the properties of oil painting and gouache are similar. The master’s gouache painting is so good, there is no reason why oil painting should be inferior. Needless to say, the president has won many awards for her oil paintings.”
While the discussion was going on, there were people who were watching the fun and didn’t mind it, and directly sent a message to the group: “The president is going to have a drawing competition with Master Lin Yuan!”
“The president and the great master PK?”
“I am coming!”
“You’re not going out with your girlfriend”
“A meteorite has hit a blue star, but my girlfriend can’t be as exciting as this!”
“It’s here!”
“This is the decisive battle!”
Not long after Zhong Yucai wrote the note, there were many more people in the painting club, apparently all art students who came after hearing the news.
“Who’s going to smoke it?”
Zhong Yu looked at Lin Yuan and Luo Wei.
Luo Wei shrugged: “Whatever.”
Lin Yuan said: “Just you do it.”
Zhong Yu chuckled: “Then I will draw it. I must draw a sketch for the master!”
He took out a piece of paper.
“What is it?”
Everyone stared at Zhong Yu.
/Zhong Yu actually kept it secret and took a sip of water, not in a hurry to open it.
Luo Wei asked Lin Yuan: “Do you need a referee?”
Lin Yuan shook his head: “There are enough referees.”
Yes, all the people in the painting club can be referees.
Luo Wei understood: “If it is really controversial, ask a tutor or professor to witness, but I think it doesn’t need to be that troublesome.”
Lin Yuan nodded.
He and Luo Wei both have professional-level strength. Basically, you can tell who wins and who loses just by looking at each other’s paintings.
“It’s time for the reveal.”
Zhong Yu had enough patience, and when everyone was almost impatient, he slowly opened the note. After looking at the content of the note, Zhong Yu’s face suddenly changed, and he said with a bitter face:
“God, I’m sorry for you.”
Everyone said, “What on earth is that?”
Zhong Yu unfolded the note and wrote two words on it:
traditional Chinese painting!
Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then it became even more lively:
“I go?”
“traditional Chinese painting?”
“President Luo’s home court!”
“This is President Luo’s area of ​​expertise!”
“Master, can you still do it?”
“Didn’t the great master say that he can also do Chinese painting?”
“Of course I believe that great masters know Chinese painting, but the question is, don’t you still know President Luo’s level of Chinese painting?”
Luo Wei smiled, looked at Lin Yuan and said, “How about changing the oil painting? You have no chance in Chinese painting.”
Lin Yuan thought for a while and said, “I took advantage.”
Luo Wei was stunned: “What advantage did you take?”
Lin Yuan told the truth: “You can’t beat me in traditional Chinese painting.”
However, when these words fell into Luo Wei’s ears, they were tantamount to provocation, causing Luo Wei

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