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nd you are criticized by Fish Daddy every day.”


Jan 16, 2024

“It’s not important. Fish Daddy scolds me because he cares about me!”
“Go to Te Niang’s geek tribe. From now on, this blog will be the base camp of our Qinzhou music scene!”
The group chat is in full swing.
And in a certain hotel.
Fei Yang looked at the noisy group chat, biting his lip and pacing back and forth.
Fei Yang’s manager was terrified. He was also in the group and had seen everyone’s chat messages:
“Holy shit, shit, shit, brother, have you seen it? Almost all the kings and queens of the Qinzhou music scene, as well as countless first-line singers, have been swept away by Xianyu!”
“I saw it.”
Fei Yang seemed a little impatient.
The manager looked at Fei Yang who was impatient, and suddenly frowned and said: “Obviously you are also a singer in Qinzhou, and you are even the highest-ranked singer in Qinzhou on the global singer list. Xianyu has contacted everyone, why are you alone? Didn’t contact you?”
Fei Yang sneered: “You said it as if I really want him to contact me. I’m not willing to go there yet. Isn’t it good to stay in the Geek Tribe? My fans are all here, and I can also use this to enter the Central Continent market. , so this is the future. It’s useless for those people to go to the blog now. They will have to go back to the geek tribe when the blog goes cold!”
“Then you’ve been hanging around here for a long time.”
The agent asked suspiciously: “What are you waiting for?”
Fei Yang was distraught: “I just have numb legs from sitting for a long time.”
As he spoke, Fei Yang closed the group chat and threw his phone on the bed.
who knows.
The phone rang in mid-air.
The agent was about to give Fei Yang his cell phone, but suddenly his eyes blurred.
By the time the agent reacted, Fei Yang had already answered the phone, his voice nervous and dry:
“Fish envy fish coach”
“Come to blog?”
There seemed to be silence on the other end of the phone.
Fei Yang coughed: “Mainly, I really like blogs. I have an account on it, but I don’t usually post updates. I just like the interface.”
The call was very short.
After the call ends.
Fei Yang opened the group chat just now and quickly posted: “My account on the blog, everyone should follow each other back.”
The group is excited!
“King Fei Ge is here too. Now we are all alive. Blog is invincible. Follow the coach!”
“Nothing wrong!”
/“King Fei Ge is indeed King Fei Ge. The last invitation from Fish Daddy is very grand!”
“The boss’s card!”
“Maybe the older the boss is, the later he gets in touch. I guess Fish Daddy will have to spend some effort to convince King Fei Ge.”
“The major platforms are definitely rushing to win over King Fei Ge. Even if he is a coach, it is probably not easy.”
Fei Yang smiled.
Before the smile fully bloomed, he saw a pair of suspicious eyes staring at him from the opposite side.
Fei Yang’s smile paused.
The agent said distressedly: “Are you in a hurry?”
/Fei Yang’s face was panicked:

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