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r’s top science fiction writers before and after?


Jan 15, 2024

It’s really not necessary.
If you want to fight, of course you have to find the most powerful one.
So what if you take out the three-body series when you are in a hurry?
/Lin Yuan was even a little regretful. Although these science fiction writers who challenged him were powerful, it seemed that Blue Star’s top science fiction writers did not choose to take action.
For example, Ye Cong.
After Lin Yuan wrote the Harry Potter series, he took away the opponent’s ranking.
This person’s level of science fiction creation is one of the best in the entire Blue Star.
/But this time.
I started a big competition on my blog, but the other party, as the top science fiction writer, never showed up.
Lin Yuan felt very sorry.
Only by defeating such an opponent can your ranking be improved even more.
Although his current opponents are strong, none of them can compare with Ye Cong.
never mind.
Just do it step by step.
As long as I continue to write science fiction novels, I will run into each other sooner or later.
Think of this.
Lin Yuan logged into Chu Kuang’s account and posted another update: Among the ten literary rivals I selected, if any teacher releases a new science fiction work, I will follow closely and publish a corresponding literary work.
This is the most mature approach.
It’s not that I believe that the first mover in metaphysics will lose.
The main reason is that Lin Yuan wants to consider which work he chooses to use to fight based on the level of his opponent’s work.
What if the other party’s work is of average quality?
Then I don’t need to come up with the most explosive work.
What if the opponent’s level is very strong?
Then I have to come up with some works that are very popular on earth.
Unless the opponent’s work is more powerful than the Wang Zhao in his hand.
Otherwise, Lin Yuan, who is sitting on the treasure house of the earth, can be completely invincible.
Shua la la.
Chu Kuang’s latest news is out.
Science Fiction Writers Circle.
“Does he mean for us to take action first?”
“fair enough.”
“It seems that this Chu Kuang is quite courageous. Before, I was really afraid that he would pick out weak persimmons.”
“If he dares to choose me, he has already lost.”
“Chu Kuang is not weak. Are you so confident?”
“Of course you have to have confidence when writing a book. Why write a book if you don’t have confidence?”
“The benefit of publishing our works first is that readers will go out of their way to read our works first because they involve a literary battle with Chu Kuang.”
“Whether you admit it or not, Chu Kuang’s passion is there.”
“Let’s not talk about winning or losing in a literary fight with him. At least we don’t have to worry about the popularity of our works. Although our works themselves are not lacking in popularity, they are really incomparable with a pervert like Chu Kuang.”
“That’s why everyone wants to fight with him.”
“If you lose, you won’t lose, if you win, you will gain blood!”

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