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Jan 15, 2024

“On the literature list, Yin Shi has already been defeated. On the dance side, I don’t know if Daddy Yu can succeed in reaching the top.”
/“It’s only a matter of time before the Fish Daddy dance reaches the top of the charts. You don’t even need to respond.”
“If you want to reach the top quickly, you must directly produce a work that is not weaker than Mei Xiaoge’s dance, but this is obviously not easy.”
“Hahahaha, I was so frightened by Lin Yuan’s endless dances that I didn’t dare to predict it. After all, this monster is best at creating miracles.”
Everyone likes this dance very much.
However, no one knows whether Lin Yuan will respond.
Because no matter what Mei Xiaoge does now, it is all in vain.
It’s only a matter of time before Lin Yuan reaches the top of the dance charts, and he can completely ignore him.
Now the whole world knows that Lin Yuan is on the list.
Time can solve the problem of reaching the top of the dance charts, but it cannot help Lin Yuan reach the top of the music charts, so the outside world is more willing to believe that the other party will focus on music first.
But everyone guessed wrong.
Because just an hour after Mei Xiaoge challenged Lin Yuan.
Lin Yuan responded via his blog: “My new dance will be released tomorrow. In order to avoid detours during practice, detailed tutorials will be included.”
Comes with detailed tutorial!
These six words were a killer, and they immediately stunned the entire internet!
Lin Yuan not only accepted Mei Xiaoge’s challenge, but also revealed that this dance will definitely become popular in the dance circle, inspiring countless people to follow and practice with confidence!
“Good guy.”
“Is this the confidence of Blue Star Dance King?”
“Not only do you want to give out dances, but you also want to give out tutorials?”
“Father Fish’s dance really needs tutorials because there are so many people practicing it!”
“Recalling the birth of mechanical dance, countless anchors practiced to the point of spraining their feet. In the end, it was Wan Yi who came up with a tutorial that allowed everyone to touch the threshold one after another. This time, Fish Daddy found his conscience and decided to make the tutorial by the way. come out.”
“He seems to be sure that the new dance will become as popular around the world as mechanical dance and other projects that have established competitions.”
“Already looking forward to it!”
“Having liked Xianyu and Chu Kuang for so many years, I know that if Father Yu dares to say such things, Mei Xiaoge will definitely lose!”
“After all, in all these years, I have never seen him defeated.”
“In fact, Lin Yuan has never lost in this kind of 1v1 duel.”
“Which time?”
“The time when I faced off against Father Yang.”
“So Father Yang is the only man in Blue Star who has broken through Lin Yuan’s golden body!?”
We all went off topic while chatting.
Just like what the netizen said.
Xianyu lost this kind of 1v1 once, and that time there was official intervention.
Mei Xiaoge couldn

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