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e reason for suppressing Xianyu. I only know that there will probably be a queue on the rooftop today. I won’t tell you, it’s my turn soon.”


Jan 15, 2024

And in the shock, there are also countless painful cries, because there are so many people in the industry participating in the December Handicap!
People in the industry think they know it.
Now that you understand, why not give it a try?
As a result, as soon as I understood and suppressed it, something happened.
Although these brothers do understand very well
We can look at it this way. If the song “Red Sun” is removed and every song that comes after it is moved forward in order, the result will be exactly the same as the previous professional-level predictions in the industry!
God predicts!
But with the sudden rise of “Red Sun”, these predictions were all wrong by one ranking, resulting in a result of “a slight difference can make a difference by a thousand miles”!
Just because I read the wrong song!
Therefore, countless gambling dogs are clamoring for heaven and earth!
Therefore, if one move is wrong, every move will be wrong!
/December 1st is not only the day when the war of gods has its preliminary results, it is also the end of countless gambling dogs.
After Lin Yuan got up, he also saw the new song list.
Because what Lin Yuan thought before was that no matter how he played this song, it had to be in the top three.
“If I had suppressed myself”
Shaking his head hard, Lin Yuan killed this idea.
How can you keep your shoes from getting wet when you often walk along the river?
Be a steady person!
I am the most stable!
Then Lin Yuan looked at the data of “Red Sun”.
He found that the biggest advantage of releasing a song in December is that it has enough attention. If the quality of the work is good enough, the number of downloads will also be high enough!
On many music-listening software, the comment areas of songs are also very popular:
“I’ve never been interested in Chinese songs, but I fell in love with the song “Red Sun” as soon as I heard it!”
“Xianyu Niubi! (broken sound)”
“Those who have lost the bet, listen to this song, and be happy in your future life!”
“Nima, if it weren’t for this song, I would lose!? But let’s not say it’s really nice.”
“Betting dogs are more terrifying creatures than licking dogs. I’d better just listen to the song quietly.”
“This song is so nice. It gives me great comfort after I just lost two thousand yuan in gambling. The scary thing about this song is that I obviously lost half a month’s salary because of this song, but I In the end, I have to rely on this song to heal my wounds.”
Seeing this comment, Lin Yuan was a little speechless.
Because you lost the bet on “Red Sun”, you still have to rely on this song to cheer yourself up and prevent yourself from thinking too hard?
Are you sure you won’t get more upset the more you listen to it?
Anyway, Lin Yuan feels a little sad just thinking about it.
A song that can be downloaded for just one dollar has caused many people to lose money.
However, “Red Sun

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