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l. Gee, will there be an all-fish feast on the list in the future?”


Jan 15, 2024

“For those who don’t know, I think the composition circle is a fish pond.”
“If Xianyu continues to teach, the music circle will turn into a fish pond sooner or later.”
“Maybe it’s the vast ocean, and Xianyu is the king of the sea!”
All discussed.
The music circle is discussing Xianyu’s apprentice, and the movie circle is also discussing Xianyu.
It’s related to this Dragon Award.
After the movie “The Tuner” was nominated for three awards, it was actually expected that it finally won the award for best soundtrack.
After all, “Dream Wedding” topped the charts.
The focus of attention in the film industry is that Xianyu did not attend the ceremony to accept the award. After all, “The Tuner” was shortlisted for three awards, and logically speaking, it would not be included in all of them.
Under normal circumstances, you would only miss such a heavyweight award if you knew you might be running with him.
/But the possibility of Xianyu accompanying him was so low, and he still didn’t show his face, which surprised many people.
To know.
After the Dragon Awards released this year’s award shortlist, many people discussed whether Xianyu would attend.
This probability is very high, after all, the Dragon Award is there.
As a result, Xianyu did not attend, which surprised many people.
Many netizens who were looking forward to this were inevitably a little disappointed.
“Because you are mainly involved in the music industry, so you didn’t attend the Dragon Awards?”
“Xianyu has also won some awards in the music circle. Although they are not at the level of music festivals, there are some pretty powerful awards. I didn’t see Xianyu attend.”
“Is it because I’m not good-looking, so I didn’t attend?”
“The people upstairs are being criticized for daring to criticize Xianyu’s appearance. Xianyu has a lot of fans.”
“Okay, I’m here to squirt. Fish Daddy’s looks are so handsome that he’s so handsome!”
This person also brought a picture, a fish-man, a very cartoon image.
As a result, some people actually discussed why Xianyu didn’t show his face.
/“It may also be a matter of height. There was a writer in the writers circle who had been reluctant to show his face. When he finally showed his face, everyone realized that he was actually a bit short.”
“College students are basically in their twenties. Youth is justice, okay?”
“Looking forward to the fish daddy showing up.”
“Whether Xian Yulu shows his face or not, I have already imagined his image. Just think of the most handsome face in my mind. Idols are always handsome no matter what they look like!”
There are also some fans who are good at drawing and have specially drawn some cartoon images about Xianyu. They are basically so handsome that they are the ultimate expression of fan filters.
Passers-by were not looking forward to Xianyu’s appearance, and even teased fans: “Don’t be disillusioned by then, it will show up sooner or later anyway.”
It is indeed a rhythm of showing up sooner or later.

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