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people like Wei Xiaoxin, her voice can be improved through later revision.


Jan 15, 2024

She has reached Lin Yuan’s minimum standard for tool people.
/But Lin Yuan still chooses people based on the principle of not making the tuner too busy if he can do it.
“Thank you, teacher.”
Wei Xiaoxin left a little disappointed.
Next, there is a girl named Jiang Kui.
This is a short little girl. As soon as she came in, she hurriedly adjusted the height of the microphone. This scene directly made the staff laugh.
“Hello teachers.”
The short girl said awkwardly: “My name is Jiang Kui, and my vocal range is g2 to c6.”
“Female voice hi c?”
One of the sound engineers raised an eyebrow.
Another sound engineer next to him tutted: “The range is wide enough. It’s no problem to sing the whistle. I just don’t know if the timbre can meet Teacher Xianyu’s requirements.”
“let’s start.”
Lin Yuan did it again as the first two people asked.
The short girl cleared her throat and began her singing.
The first one is no problem, even better than the first two, because this little girl’s voice is not only clear and translucent, but also has a little bit of the voice characteristics of a male singer. This should be a natural voice condition.
“very good.”
Lin Yuan praised: “Let’s do the singing part too. Remember, I want the whistle, not the falsetto technique.”
After saying that, Lin Yuan was a little nervous.
If this little girl continues to be unqualified, he will have no choice but to ask Wei Xiaoxin to fix her voice, or find someone from a debut singer who has already proven her ability.
How much money will be divided?
Sure enough, it would be more cost-effective to repair the sound, right?
Just when Lin Yuan was frowning and thinking, the girl started singing, and the clear and beautiful whistle sounded in his ears.
Lin Yuan’s eyes gradually brightened.
He knew that he no longer had to share money with the debut singer.
The two sound recordists next to them also looked at each other and nodded at the same time.
In terms of overall vocal quality, this short girl is the best, and the other two pale in comparison to her.
Lin Yuan said: “Your name is Jiang”
The little girl quickly said: “Jiang Kui, my name is Jiang Kui!”
Lin Yuan nodded and made the decision directly: “Okay, Jiang Kui, I will give you the complete score later. I hope you can become familiar with the song as soon as possible. We will officially start recording next Saturday.”
“Okay, thank you teacher!”
Jiang Kui quietly made a V-shaped gesture behind her, her face unable to conceal her excitement: “I will definitely work hard!”
/Qinzhou is very aware of music copyright. Once Lin Yuan copies the songs to the company, he doesn’t have to worry about anything happening.
Lin Yuan returned to normal campus life.
However, there is only one class in the Composition Department this morning. It is still early to finish the class, and the students have gone back to the dormitory to play games one after another.
Lin Yuan has no intention of going back.
Without the pres

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