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is, Yan Kongcheng knew that he had been beaten by Xu Ying before, and said, “Don’t worry, Patriarch, Xu Ying won’t dare to touch you even if I’m here.”


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Chen Chaosheng became angry and said, “I’m not afraid of him, but I don’t want to cause trouble.”
As he spoke, Xu Ying killed the immortals and scattered them everywhere. Suddenly, a prison van roared toward him from the sky, emitting five colors of mysterious light. The door of the prison van opened wide, and the five colors of light shone down. Xu Ying turned around and appeared in the prison van.
“Doube Xu Tianzun, no matter what, you still can’t defeat me in the Five Heavenly Prisons!”
One person laughed loudly and put away the prison cart. Chen Chaosheng looked up and saw that the man was dressed in luxurious clothes and had extraordinary equipment. There were five prison holes above his head, which were unfathomable and contained countless felons.
/Behind him are forty-five prison guards, all of whom are in the Immortal King realm.
“It turns out to be the Emperor of the Five Prisons.”
/Upon seeing this, Chen Chaosheng said to Yankong City, “The Emperor of the Five Prisons is probably going to suffer a loss.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the prison car suddenly exploded. Xu Ying shattered the prison car into pieces and killed the Emperor of the Five Prisons. The Emperor of the Five Prisons appeared and disappeared with chains all over his body, retreating while fighting.
Many wardens in Tianlao offered their magic weapons one after another, but they saw hooks and chains in the sky, intertwined with each other, prison carts, shackles, axes, knives and saws, drills, whips and sticks, those who gouged out eyes, cut off ears, cut off noses, and cut out tongues. Shavings, soul arresters, all kinds of torture instruments, hooks and ropes for capture, everything is available!
Many magic weapons fell on Xu Ying, and they beat Xu Ying desperately.
There are many masters in the sky and sea, all paying attention to this battle, and all of them look shocked.
“During this period, Xu Laogou has disturbed the peace of the world. I heard that Xu Laogou took away the Tianyang Divine Pearl from the five elders of Taiming Palace in Tianyang World. I pity the five elders of Taiming Palace. In order to get that A divine bead, I don’t know how many disciples died before entering the Tianyang restricted area and took off the divine bead. Before it was warm, it was snatched away by Xu Laogou! ”
“Xu Laogou also beat three of the five elders of Taiming Palace to death!”
“I heard that ancient ruins appeared in the world of Jingliu. At that time, the Three Saints of Beihai, the Six True Masters of Daohai, and the Twelve True Masters of Tiansheng Mountain all rushed there to seize the ancient scriptures. Who are the Three Saints, the Six True Masters, and the Twelve True Masters of Tiansheng Mountain? ? Heheqiqi wanted to study the ancient scriptures together, but Xu Laogou rushed out of nowhere and snatched it away.”
“I have also heard about this matter. I heard that Xu La

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