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athing seemed a little disordered and full of anxiety:


Jan 14, 2024

“Last night, on behalf of the website, I discussed with these two people in advance to hold a site opening event and invite them to do site opening interviews. But now I don’t see them coming, and I can’t get through on the phone. It’s like they have disappeared from the world!”
Jin Mu instantly felt like falling into an ice cellar!
Lin Yuan next to him roughly heard the content of the phone call, and his eyes narrowed slightly.
“I’m afraid they won’t show up.”
Han Jimei continued, her voice filled with despair.
This kind of thing happened before the website was launched. Even a fool should realize that something was wrong. It couldn’t be that Ye Shenchen and Tianmen overslept at the same time today, right?
“The tribe must be up to something!”
Before Jin Mu could speak, Han Jimei spoke again.
There was a hint of anger in her desperate voice: “Ling Kong is so ruthless in his calculations. He actually quietly took away two of our strong reinforcements.”
“No, it’s not strong support, it’s just helplessness!”
Kaneki finally spoke, gritting his teeth, and the sound seemed to be squeezed out from between his teeth.
Two treacherous guys!
It would be strange if it wasn’t Ling Kong’s handiwork!
“I’m sorry, it was my dereliction of duty.”
Han Jimei’s voice finally dropped, as if she had accepted her fate: “The opening of the website that we have been preparing for a long time may be messed up.”
“There is still hope!”
Kaneki suddenly let out that breath.
He forced himself to calm down, his voice dry and hoarse: “Maybe when we open the website soon, the two of them will release new works as agreed in the contract.”
Han Jimei smiled bitterly.
The phone was hung up.
Jin Mu looked at Lin Yuan and forced out an ugly smile.
He repeated what he had just said, as if he was comforting Lin Yuan, but it seemed more like he was comforting himself:
“There is still hope”
Lin Yuan didn’t say a word from beginning to end.
No one knew what Lin Yuan was thinking at this moment.
Exactly not long after.
The alliance is officially launched.
But when a large number of users poured in, everyone only saw one “Detective Chu Yu” and some new works released by little-known authors.
/Where is Tianmen?
How about deep night?
These are the two people that many people have been looking forward to sitting here, but everyone fumbled with the search bar of the new website for a long time, and in the end, they couldn’t even see Tianmen and Ye Shenchen’s Mao, let alone their works.
After a while.
Kaneki’s cell phone rang again.
He looked at the two empty interfaces of the new website and answered the phone in despair, as if he had already predicted what the other party was going to say.
“There’s no hope.”
“I’ll fuck their second uncle!”
Kaneki’s rare swearing made his veins appear!
Han Jimei was no longer angry, and could only sigh: “They are the most important link in our plan. The new website requires Shadow Teacher, Tianmen and Ye Shenchen to support the sky

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