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tense nerves and stabbed Shang Fu a few more times with the iron fork to ensure that he would not struggle to his death.


Jan 14, 2024

At this time, Wei Xiaobei felt a little regretful. The use of this iron fork was much inferior to that of a real big gun.
Not to mention anything else, in terms of length alone, the iron fork is about 1.6 meters tall, which is about half the size of a big gun. In addition, the iron fork is basically inelastic, while the barrel of a big gun is elastic and tough. It is made of tree trunks so that it can use various tricks in the Liuhe Gun.
As far as iron forks are concerned, it’s good to be able to block it.
It would be great if we could bring in the big guns from the martial arts hall.
It’s not like Wei Xiaobei has never made such an attempt before.
But he soon discovered that this was a futile delusion.
Except for the clothes on his body, it is impossible to bring anything in reality into the gray world by himself, unless it originally appeared in the gray world, such as the knife that turned from a dagger.
As for bringing things from the gray world to reality, it is much easier. As long as the color of the thing is not gray-white, it is fine, such as fish-man water pills and other harvests, but there is no way to bring things like round-headed wooden sticks. out.
It’s time to find a way to make a big gun, Wei Xiaobei thought.
However, it was just an idea. Wei Xiaobei didn’t have the materials yet, so after standing there for a while, Wei Xiaobei came to the dead Shang Fu with an iron fork in hand.
Wei Xiaobei pulled out the dagger and cut it open along the chest of the corpse. A pool of hot blood that had not cooled down spattered out, covering Wei Xiaobei’s chest and face.
Smelling the pungent smell of blood, Wei Xiaobei’s originally suppressed hunger suddenly rose.
Wei Xiaobei knew that the hunger caused by the explosion of electric energy was uncontrollable, but he never expected that smelling the blood would increase the already unsuppressible hunger several times.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but lick the blood on his lips, it was so delicious.
If you can’t help it, just hold it back. After Wei Xiaobei realized that Shang Fu’s blood did not contain any toxins, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He lowered his head and buried it in the hole in the corpse, swallowing it with big mouthfuls. Blood gushed out from inside.
/Even though Shang Fu was about the same size as a human, there wasn’t much blood pouring out of his body. After Wei Xiaobei only swallowed a few mouthfuls, the blood stopped flowing from Shang Fu’s body, as if it had completely dried up.
Wei Xiaobei was a little dazed when he discovered this. The severe hunger after the explosion of electricity would have taken at least six pieces of compressed biscuits to eliminate it. But now, just four mouthfuls of blood have stopped the hunger, and his mind There was also some uncontrollable excitement coming from inside. All the fatigue left over from the previous battle was eliminated, and the vitality in the body beca

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