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rse, even if the speedboat might be swept away, Wei Xiaobei would not give up on this operation.


Jan 14, 2024

Wow, a soft sound of water splashing came in the wind amidst the sound of waves hitting the rocks, which seemed so inconspicuous.
Wei Xiaobei emerged from the sea and appeared under a cliff.
This is the most difficult place to land on G Island.
The reason why Wei Xiaobei chose to land here was because there were more checkpoints on the beach and other places, but here, there were only two hidden posts above the cliff.
The cliff is extremely steep, especially the lower section, which has been washed by waves for thousands of years. Although it is strange in shape, it is extremely smooth. If Wei Xiaobei had not been able to walk freely, he would not have even had the chance to climb ten meters.
But even so, when Wei Xiaobei was running up the cliff, he was hit by several waves and almost fell off.
The force of this wave is too much.
Before he even got close to the top of the cliff, Wei Xiaobei smelled a hint of the familiar smell of burning tobacco from the sea breeze.
There was indeed someone on the cliff.
But as Wei Xiaobei continued to approach, the whistle above did not notice it at all. Not long after, a fiery red cigarette butt flew down from the cliff, leaving a red trail in the air before being soaked by the waves and disappearing.
Wei Xiaobei gently raised his head out of the cliff, but then he couldn’t help but cursed secretly and quickly retracted his body.
The body shrank back, but failed to avoid a line of water that was blown down by the wind.
In the blink of an eye, Wei Xiaobei’s clothes, which were dry from running up the cliff, became a little damp again.
It turned out that as soon as Wei Xiaobei poked his head out, he saw a pair of legs standing in front of him, followed by hisses.
It turned out that after smoking a cigarette, the secret whistler looked at the dark sea and couldn’t help but feel proud. Then he unzipped his pants and performed a feat of peeing in the wind.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei got wet before he left, and was mostly drenched by the urine that drifted in the wind.
After suppressing the anger in his heart, Wei Xiaobei opened his ears and listened carefully.
With two ordinary human secret sentries, Wei Xiaobei didn’t need to activate his sensor search ability.
Soon, the sound of a human’s footsteps walking back and forth and even the sound of the friction between a gun and clothes were mixed with the sound of the wind.
There is no doubt that there is only one hidden whistle!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t hesitate at all. He exerted force on his legs, like a big bird, turned over and climbed onto the cliff, and then pounced towards the black figure.
The guy was standing guard here alone, and since it was not a war, he was a little loose. As a result, he turned around and saw a black shadow coming towards him. He was so frightened that he wanted to raise the muzzle of the gun and pull the trigger.
/But it was too late. A big hand grabbed his right hand like an iron pliers. With a s

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