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The security guard wanted to stop the old monk. Fortunately, the security manager arrived at this time. When he saw the security guards trying to stretch out their claws to the old monk, they were so frightened that they almost flew out. They were scolded, punched and kicked. The security guard rushed away and leaned towards the old monk like a pug, with a smile on his face: “Uncle Master, what are your orders?”
“Amitabha, does the donor know me?”
The old monk was a little surprised. He looked at the security manager, but his expression was not good. Anyone else would not be in a good mood at this time.
/“The disciple is a lay disciple, and the master is Master Yanxin.”
The security manager answered hastily with a solemn expression, still wondering whether the old monk was unhappy when he saw him, or whether the previous security guards had offended him.
“You’ve practiced kung fu well.”
In front of outsiders, no matter how unhappy Shi Yongping was, he had no intention of venting his anger on outsiders. He patted the security manager on the shoulder, nodded kindly, and then pointed to Wei Xiaobei’s room: “There are people living in it. Dear guests in the temple, please don’t neglect us. All expenses are borne by the temple, do you understand?”
To say this kind of thing, naturally it should not be managed by a security manager. After all, he is also an account manager.
But the security manager knows, what is his identity?
The head of Shaolin Bodhidharma Hall! The abbot’s senior brother! Even the hotel owner calls this old monk Shizuzu, not to mention that half of the shares in this hotel belong to the Shaolin Temple.
In short, since Shi Yongping raised this matter, even if he contributes money, he has to handle it well. What’s more, do you need to contribute money yourself for this kind of thing?
“Master-Uncle’s instructions, of course this disciple will remember and will definitely take good care of our distinguished guest!”
The security manager patted his chest and replied firmly.
“Yeah, very good.”
Shi Yongping was so sad now that it was good to be able to remember to say hello.
After all, Wei Xiaobei is an unborn grand master, and Shi Yongping would not dare to offend him easily even if he was hurt.
Shi Yongping turned around and left. Many security guards and waiters watched the master leave with admiring expressions.
No one is a fool. Just by looking at the security manager’s actions and the words he communicated with, everyone knew who this old monk looked like.
Shaolin monk!
Since this hotel is not far from Songshan Mountain, and the owner is a Shaolin lay disciple, the people in this hotel are more or less Buddhist-minded. Well, those call girls are not in this category.
/Therefore, after understanding Shi Yongping’s identity, he naturally admired him very much.
“Waiter, come in and clean up.”
Just when everyone’s eyes had just turned away from the disappearing figure, they heard a man coming out of the door, waving and giving instructions.
Well, is this what the eminent m

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