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But what the giant wolf never expected was that just as he pounced, the opponent’s body suddenly dwarfed, causing him to miss. The next moment, he felt a pain in his stomach.
Wei Xiaobei jumped up and punched the giant wolf in the belly. Then he stretched out his hands and grabbed the belly of the giant wolf. With a sudden force, he actually forced the huge giant wolf to fall to the ground in mid-air.
The giant wolf hit a hard board-shaped tree root.
For an ordinary human being, just such a blow would be enough to break all the neck bones and kill him on the spot.
There was no way the giant wolf’s physique could be so fragile. After hitting the tree roots, the giant wolf was a little dizzy, but still turned its head and wanted to bite Wei Xiaobei.
/But this was also the giant wolf’s last struggle.
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei was like Astro Boy, grabbing the giant wolf with both hands, suddenly exerting force, swinging the giant wolf up in a circle and then smashing it down again.
After several times of this, the scarred giant wolf was foaming at the mouth. It was impossible to get up and escape, let alone struggle to fight back.
Take advantage of the enemy’s illness and kill him!
At this point, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t be so merciful and let the giant wolf go. He jumped up and sat on the wolf’s head. Wei Xiaobei punched and kicked him, thinking that the giant wolf was a sandbag. .
A master of martial arts and a master of Gangjin’s punches and kicks are not easy to bear.
/Not to mention this wolf head, even a piece of steel will probably turn into a piece of scrap metal under the full blow of the master of martial arts.
Of course, having said that, if a martial arts master didn’t have Wei Xiaobei’s physique and could be punched and kicked, he would probably suffer some injuries himself.
In the end, the giant wolf was beaten to death on the spot by Wei Xiaobei.
After that, Wei Xiaobei collected the corpses of the two giant wolves, then chose a direction and quickly left the place.
By this time, Wei Xiaobei’s previously activated state had completely faded, and he no longer had any thoughts of chasing down those heroic warriors.
After running for more than ten kilometers, Wei Xiaobei climbed up a big tree, hid himself in the canopy, and took a rest while panting slightly.
Although Wei Xiaobei was a three-star terrifying creature, he had to kill three flame giants, two giant wolves, and twenty heroic warriors in a row, and needed to recover from a lot of injuries, which took a lot of energy.
After taking a short rest, Wei Xiaobei took out a portion of reed and pickled pepper tentacle shreds from his storage bracelet and started to devour it.
This reed pickled pepper tentacle thread is made from the fresh tentacles of the Thousand-Eyed Monster. It is a rare dish that can moderately restore physical strength and mental energy. For Wei Xiaobei, one serving is enough to restore 80% of physical strength and mental energy.
However, the reed and pickled pepper tentacles could only restore physical strength an

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