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As his thoughts unfolded, the shape of a wolf soon appeared on the blank biological template that appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
Yes, this is the form of a giant wolf.
The altar of life had devoured the corpse of a giant wolf before, and it could have been used as the basis of a basic biological template. However, after using the ability to ingest genes, the giant wolf that emerged in Wei Xiaobei’s mind became clearer. Exquisite.
/This is very important. There is no doubt that this ability to absorb genes is an enhancement of the original ability of the Life Altar.
Anyway, there are still blank basic biological templates. If they are full later, Wei Xiaobei can also abolish some basic biological templates.
He stretched out his left hand and sprayed out shredded meat. The meat balls were quickly formed. One of them was one meter in diameter, while the other was one and a half meters in diameter.
It can be seen from the size of this meat ball that the strength of the two monsters, the flame giant and the giant wolf, is indeed not low.
The meat ball quickly broke apart, and a small wolf and a miniature version of the flame giant crawled out of the meat ball, and then devoured the shell of the meat ball.
What happened next left Wei Xiaobei a little stunned.
The little wolf and the miniature version of the Fire Giant quickly expanded in size after eating the meat ball shell.
The little wolf soon expanded to two meters in size, while the fire giant grew to three meters in size.
There is no doubt that these two basic creatures are much stronger than the previous basic creatures.
This is due to the re-evolution of the Altar of Life, which brings about the natural power of basic organisms.
Of course, compared to its prototype, the basic creature cultivated is still too weak.
Wei Xiaobei checked the attribute tables of these two basic creatures. Needless to say, the attributes were about two points higher than the previous basic creatures. The little wolf was a one-star elite, and the little flame giant was a two-star ordinary. , which is much stronger than the one-star ordinary one of the high-temperature bird.
But the little wolf naturally has the special ability of invisibility, while the little flame giant has the ability to control fire.
Of course, compared to giant wolves and flame giants, the special abilities possessed by basic creatures are much weaker.
The little wolf was named Hidden Wolf, and the little flame giant was named Fire Giant. These two names are simple, clear and distinctive.
But then, trouble came, and the Hidden Wolf and the Fire Giant suddenly started fighting. Even though Wei Xiaobei separated the two, the Hidden Wolf and the Fire Giant were still hostile to each other.
This was something Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect.
It would be ridiculous to say that the hatred between giant wolves and fire giants is left to these two basic creatures.
But after that, Wei Xiaobei cultivated a few more of these two basic creatures, but the re

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