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ei was thinking in his heart, he did not dare to say nonsense: “The City God is laughing.”


Jan 14, 2024

It wasn’t until Wei Xiaobei returned to reality and went to the county library to check the county annals that he discovered that the City God of Baita County was really a butcher.
It is said that his family was poor when he was a child. When he became an adult, he became a butcher with excellent skills. He killed countless pigs and sheep and accumulated a considerable fortune. He also had a quick mind and used various means to make a fortune. .
But suddenly one day, the butcher felt something in his heart. He put down his butcher knife and vowed not to kill any more. Later, in the year of great disaster, he used all his accumulated wealth to do good deeds, thus saving countless people and winning the reputation of a living Bodhisattva. After his death, he was canonized by the court at that time and was established as the Lord of Baita County.
/No matter what Wei Xiaobei thought at this moment, this butcher was indeed the Baita County City God.
After the man chatted for a few times, Wei Xiaobei remembered his purpose, took out the white imperial talisman from the storage bracelet, and handed it to the City God.
The City God couldn’t help but darken his face when he saw the white imperial talisman handed over by Wei Xiaobei. He sighed softly and reached out to put a little bit on the white imperial talisman. In a moment, the white imperial talisman glowed with white light, and then turned into a stream of light and ran out of the hall. , soared straight into the sky, and disappeared after a few breaths.
“Thank you Brother Wei for sending this thing back. I have nothing to repay, so I can only give you this thing as a gift.”
After the City God was silent for a while, he ordered the maid to fetch something and give it to Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei took a look and saw that it was a wooden sign with several inscribed words on it: Baita County City God.
The City God was right in front of him, and Wei Xiaobei did not dare to use attributes to detect it. After chatting with the City God for a few words, he stood up and left.
The City God didn’t try to persuade him to stay, saying he wanted to eat or something, but when Wei Xiaobei was about to leave the City God’s Temple, the scribe from before chased him with a few puppets and more than a dozen large sacks.
Only after the scribe introduced them did Wei Xiaobei know that these big sacks contained gifts given to him by the City God.
After thanking him, Wei Xiaobei put all the large sacks into his storage bracelet before leaving the City God’s Temple.
This time, even though Wei Xiaobei was done with entering the gray world, he did not waste time and left the gray world after returning to the rental house.
Name: Baita County City God’s Blessing Wooden Sign (Treasure)
Introduction: This object is made by the Baita County City God who spent a year gathering incense. As long as it is located in Baita County and hung in the house, it can improve the smell of the house and strengt

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