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e surprises to Wei Xiaobei. They contained a faint taste of the blood from before. If you eat a little, you can feel the slight surge of vitality in your body.


Jan 14, 2024

Just looking at the value of these thirty kilograms of dried meat, it’s not low.
The dried meat is very solid. After loading the dried meat into the backpack, there is still some space left for Wei Xiaobei to put Shang Fu’s chicken beak, claw tips, feathers and other things in it.
Shang Fu’s chicken beak has very hard claw tips. Even if it hits the tip of an iron fork violently, there is no chip at all. Wei Xiaobei is going to grind it into an arrowhead, and Wei Xiaobei is going to use the longer feathers to add to the beak. on the arrow shaft to increase its flight stability.
For Wei Xiaobei, relying too much on close combat is not a good thing in the gray world.
Especially in today’s situation, if it weren’t for the fact that he still had his bestiality and couldn’t hold back his anger, and rushed out at the last moment when Wei Xiaobei returned to the street, I’m afraid Wei Xiaobei would really be in trouble.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei needed to prepare necessary long-distance combat methods. This type of long-distance combat method was very useful for adventures in the gray world. He could kill the enemy first and save himself.
Since ancient times, human ancestors have used bows and arrows as sharp weapons to close the gap between themselves and beasts, and eventually became the masters of all things and ruled the earth!
In this process, the role of bows and arrows is beyond imagination.
/With bows and arrows, human ancestors could hunt tigers, black bears and other beasts with more than ten people. You must know that if you just rely on sharpened sticks to deal with these beasts, you may not be able to succeed even if the number of people is doubled several times. .
/Well, Wei Xiaobei has never dabbled in the ancient hunting method of archery before, but it doesn’t matter. Wei Xiaobei has a master and a senior brother. It’s not difficult to ask for advice. Taking a step back, he said, “Master, senior brother.” If you don’t know anything about archery, it’s not a big problem to do some black boxing, save some money, and find an archery coach to learn.
After packing all his things, Wei Xiaobei returned to the rental house and hid the roasted meat jerky under his bed.
Although Wei Xiaobei’s current strength was not as strong as that of a middleweight boxer, carrying thirty pounds of dried meat on his back for an adventure was indeed not a good idea.
After emptying his backpack, Wei Xiaobei carried a chicken head back to the snack street. He looked at the fog that was still filled, thought for a while, picked up a few broken bricks, and threw them into the fog.
The broken bricks, half the size of a palm, flew into the mist in the blink of an eye, and made a sharp impact a moment later.
Not long after, the sound of chicken crow came from the mist.
Hearing this, Wei Xiaobei smiled softly and threw the chicken head he was holding in his left hand to

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