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the “Emperor of Heaven” revealed a hint of innocence Joy.


Jan 15, 2024

Wu Wei felt ashamed and said: “Wei Renwu was injured. This is my responsibility. I did not expect that he would be so close to the White Tiger at that time.”
“Are you sure you didn’t do it on purpose?” asked the “Emperor of Heaven”.
“I’m sure I didn’t mean it.” Wu Wei replied firmly.
“What about the ‘God of Death’? If you ask him to kill the ‘White Tiger’, maybe he also wants to kill Wei Renwu?”
/“No.” Wu Wei shook his head and said, “The ‘God of Death’ has principles. He only kills people for money. I only paid the money to kill the ‘White Tiger’ and not the money to kill Wei Renwu. It is impossible for him to cause trouble.” Killing someone who didn’t pay, so Wei Renwu’s serious injury was an accident, and what I can guarantee is that if the ‘God of Death’ wanted to kill him, it would be more than just an injury.”
“So, Wei Renwu’s injury was an accident?” “The Emperor of Heaven” was still a little confused.
“Yes, it was just an accident.” Wu Wei replied without changing his expression.
“Okay, even if it was an accident, let me ask you, getting rid of the ‘White Tiger’ should be an internal matter of our ‘Fengshen Society’, why do you want to find an outsider to do it, ‘Qinglong’ is already the best killer. Now, this matter can be left to him with confidence.” The “Emperor of Heaven” finally believed in Wu Wei, but he had other considerations.
Wu Wei replied: “This is because Wei Renwu is too powerful. If you let Qinglong do this, some clues will be exposed and Wei Renwu will notice. Even if you can kill the White Tiger, it will make Wei Renwu turn around.” If I bite the ‘Blue Dragon’, there will be no point in killing the ‘White Tiger’ in the end. I found the ‘God of Death’ to do this, firstly because the ‘God of Death’ kills people very cleanly and leaves almost no trace behind. Clues, no matter how powerful Wei Renwu is, I don’t think he can track down the ‘God of Death’. Secondly, he wants Wei Renwu to stop tracking the ‘Fengshen Society’, so he found a killer who is particularly interesting to him, so that he will definitely Will give up tracking down the ‘Feng Shen Hui’ and turn to bite the ‘God of Death’. And with the level of the ‘God of Death’, I think Wei Renwu will never catch him in his lifetime, so he will never want to bite the ‘Feng Shen’ again in his life. Yes.”
“The Emperor of Heaven” said with satisfaction: “It seems that you have studied Wei Renwu thoroughly.”
Wu Wei said: “The ‘Emperor of Heaven’ asked me to lurk next to Wei Renwu, didn’t he just want me to get to know him? However, I am quite curious about one thing, why the ‘Emperor of Heaven’ did not hesitate to sacrifice the entire ‘White Tiger Hall’ for the trial What about him? Is there anything special about him?”
The “Emperor of Heaven” said: “The specialness of Wei Renwu is not something you can understand. It is true that he is very smart and you are also very smart, but to that person, you two are like chicks that should be born. You are now already You have reached

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